Here it is (Finally).

Well, I forgot to update the site for Dragonhead 87-88, so please forgive me. Triggers for those are !DH87 & !DH88 in our room. One last chapter to go, and it might be out relatively soon.

Well, here’s what I’ve been working on for a long time. Well, working on finding a translator anyway. illiteracy did the bulk of the work (Thank you so much, illiteracy.) I bought Mandala #2 in April alone just for this Blame² oneshot, and ended scanlating more than I had originally expected (Alice in Mirrorland, Diadem, and other things to come eventually!)

So, finally Blame² is released. It is also our 600th chapter released. Houray. The trigger is !Blame at the usual place.

Well, enjoy.

(We could always use some more staff, especially since we have one active proofer & QCer, who isn’t even that active)

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