More releases.

This is just funny, it’s a pure coincidence that we’re releasing tonight. Just a bunch of stuff that finished simultaneously and we’re releasing it.

Enjoy. We need staff. Please apply.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough 17. !KKT17LQ !KKT17HQ are the triggers.
One Day 2. !OneDay2 is the trigger. Visit Rabbit-Reich’s site and give them your thanks! Click here.
REAL 38. !REAL38 is the trigger. Visit Chibisuke-Scans’s site and thank them as well!

All releases are dedicated to our good friend, eric-the-red, who has said he will no longer be reading any of our releases because we mistreated a retarded friend of his. Thanks, eric-kun, for this “humbling” statement, and for saving us some bandwidth.

5 Thoughts to “More releases.”

  1. hehey

    like, this One Day is awesome, that you!

  2. Just a passer by

    Wow… it's a shame that you actually behave and display a very immature attitude in your posts, and this isn't the first time either. Do you realize this makes you seem less of a professional and more of an immature brat? Attitudes like that can very easily ward off any people that were thinking about being future staff members.

  3. Digital_Eon

    Well, we're not all GGpX. Don't judge our group by his immature comments. =P That'd be quite the immature thing to do, actually.

  4. another by passer

    Its called sarcasm, man. Something that most 13 and under people lack(sorry to break it for you). They simply don't like people who think with their e-dicks and talk with their asses. Don't see anything wrong with saying that. Nowadays speed and laziness has taken over quality like wildfire in woods or aids in Africa. And its nice to see someone with enough balls to say them cut and clear that THEY SUCK. For sure it creates lots of buthurt comments and crap like that but who cares. Word is out and you can't catch it.

  5. gg

    Hi! THANK YOU SO MUCH for picking up REAL. I discovered this amazing manga only today and I couldn't put it aside. The stories of the three main characters and the people in their lives are so touching and often heart-wrenching. When I saw that no one had been subbing it in over a year, I just had to come over and show my appreciation to this wonderful group.

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