Well, hi2u2.

So today’s my birthday (yay 4 me).

To celebrate, I’m releasing a chapter!

Enjoy Holyland 30. This is the conclusion of volume 3. Only 15 full more volumes to go… Just warning you guys, the first chapter of volume 4 looks like it’s a full-blown audition for a Yaoi competition. But don’t worry, afterwards things get a little more serious and dark.

Still looking for Quality Checkers, Editors.

Still looking for a possible joint on Saru Lock.

Special thanks to emm834 for QCing this chapter while my QCers were all afk’ing masturbating (Probably :p)


9 Thoughts to “Well, hi2u2.”

  1. ali3n

    Happy birthday, hope you enjoy your day. 🙂

  2. Sketch

    Yeah, happy birthday!

  3. Digital_Eon

    I obviously wasn't!

  4. Oxymoron

    New holyland? \o/

  5. rifo

    Holy Land is great, It's one of the best martial arts manga that I have read until now. Looking forward to your release on further issues!! Thanks 🙂

  6. abc

    Thanks for Holyland 30 Great job

  7. Jordi

    Happy birday! and thx for the relesase

  8. kakar

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  9. kidomi

    Happy belated Cover+Chapter 41 is on its way

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