Told you so.

I warned you guys about the Yaoi competition in the first chapter of volume 4.

Anyway, after this chapter, the psychological aspect of this manga is magnified. Which is great, because it’s a big part of what makes Holyland great.

!Holy31ย is the trigger for the download.

And now we’ll be waiting for new translations from Majin72 to continue scanlating.

We’re looking for more QCers and Editors,ย so please apply here if you can help.

We’re also looking for a group to make a joint with on Saru Lock. A group that can do the editing.

Have a good one.

5 Thoughts to “Told you so.”

  1. hehey

    it dint seem like it was so much Yaoi, but whatever, fun chapter.

  2. SrFloppy

    Not even yaoi has so much "gayness".

  3. Nitouryu

    Oh boy, oh boy. 4v has so much WIN(except this one). =] btw if you are a skilled redrawer, help on a few pages on every other chapter would be appreciated.

  4. Zen

    Hello, Thank YOU, the GREAT Illuminati team for such a COOL & FABULOUS effort. The completed vol.2 & 3 was so beautifully WELL-DONE. Including v4c31, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ GGpX, Hmm… I should say that there's no yaoi subtlety or whatever in that first chapter. Yes, sure. Not to worry. After all, I'd read lots of yaoi stories, both in manga & novel formats. Looking forward to some more next EXCITING chapters~. Until the end of v18. Thank you so much for giving us, manga lovers a plenty of delightful joy & simple pleasure.

  5. abc

    Thanks for Holyland 31 ๐Ÿ™‚

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