Official Press Release From MisterX

I have received an official Press Release by MisterX on my earlier statement.

«%NamelessFairy» if i could get a grab of GGpX’s dick
«%NamelessFairy» i would suck it, not chop it!
«Zenquibo» …
«@GGpX» what the fuck
«%NamelessFairy» yes!
«%NamelessFairy» put this on your site as official press release form me!
«Zenquibo» lol
«@ballzy» dont listen to him ggpx, he just wants to close in and chop it off
«@GGpX» Probably.
«%NamelessFairy» ok then
«%NamelessFairy» i would chop it off
 «%NamelessFairy» THEN suck it
«Zenquibo» then GGpX can say “I’m disabled~”

What a demented world we live in…

In other news, Elfen Lied 89 is out! !EL89 is the trigger.


3 Thoughts to “Official Press Release From MisterX”

  1. Helldog

    Who cares about EL after seeing this? Run and save your dick! :laughing:

  2. Serenity

    Elfin Lied owns any convo on IRC 🙂

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