Hi dudes.

First, I would like to pass on some sad, sad news.

I received an email earlier this week by some European (Probably MisterX) stating that he would chop my penis off with a sharp butcher’s knife then mutilating it in front of me while forcing me to eat every single piece of flesh in the hopes of jeopardizing our scanlations.

How dare he!

So everyone of us at Illuminati-Manga, everyone at the Notre-Dame de Grace elementary school, all of the retards (Oh, I’m sorry, I meant the mentally ill.) up in the McKay Center in the hood, and everybody else who doesn’t overly give a shit: You suck, MisterJerk! 4 rael dawg

[/Stupid e-drama and attention whoring]

Now, to the juicy stuff. It’s Riki-Oh Friday again! S’been a while, hasn’t it? It’ll probably be another little while since I still don’t have any Editors for Riki-Oh.

Hint, hint. Apply.

Still looking for a group (Not named Mediocrity-X) to do a joint with on Saru Lock. You’d be taking care of the editing (And possibly typesetting) and we’ll do the rest.

Anyway, here are the releases:

Holyland 29!Holy29 is the trigger.
Riki-Oh Volume 5 Chapters 25-30. !Riki05 is the trigger. Triggers for previous volumes are !Riki01 !Riki02 !Riki03 !Riki04.
Saru Lock 10. !Saru10 is the trigger. Triggers for previous Saru Lock releases are !Saru1 !Saru09
Shonan Jun’ai Gumi 70-71. !SJG70 & !SJG71.



I noticed that I made some mistakes in Saru Lock 10 (And in 9 for that matter), but instead of making a v2, I’ll just fix it and put it in the volume package when we finish volume 2. Incase your wondering, some pages in ch9 didn’t resize (for whatever reason) and in ch10 I used the wrong font at places.

6 Thoughts to “RIIKKKIIIII-OOHHHHH Friday”

  1. MisterX

    Why would I send mail when I'm in your channels?:)) Anyway DAMN, I coul've thought sooner of this!

  2. SOSAnimeBoy

    Wow… latest Saru Lock is hawt ^^

  3. HL

    Really enjoy the Holyland Manga, thanks for putting it out.

  4. yeti_6

    Riki-Oh, yay, you're awesome guys 😉

  5. abc

    Thanks for Holyland

  6. hehey

    yes, thanks alot, Shonan Junai Gumi is the greatest. thats for holyland too.

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