From where the anime ended…

So, today we’re releasing some stuff. Houray.

Before, though, I’d just like to remind people that we are in need of more staff members. I’ll write what’s needed next to the series.

Elfen Lied ch83. !EL83 is the trigger. We need Editors andQCers to increase the speed of the series.
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenich ch144. !HSDK144 is the trigger. Before you say “wtf u guys released 108 the other so where’s109-143????”, let me explain. Chapter 143 marks where the HSDK anime ended. Chapter 144 starts the post-anime arc. So I only recommend downloading & reading once/if you’re done with the anime as it does include spoilers from the previous three volumes. That being said, we need some Editors with redrawing capabilities & an additional Typesetter. Translators too would be welcomed 😉
Holyland ch24. !Holy24 is the trigger. Currently on Holyland, we have up to chapter 26 translated, with chapter 25 being edited. So, we need Editors with good redrawing abilities! (Reaccuring theme if you’ve noticed) I’m kinda surprised that no mediocre group has stolen this from us yet like a few other of our projects recently… Ah, nevermind, I don’t wanna jinx it.

So, yeah. Apply if you wanna help out on these series. (We could also use another Proofreader or two…)

Have a good one.

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