Today’s Friday; Riki-Ohhhhh boy my tummy hurts. + Hangover

It’s Saturday, and we had a hangover for partying so hard for releasing all that stuff.

And now, we have the hangover release.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenich 108! !Ken108 or !HSDK108 are the triggers.

(We’Re recruiting translators, Editors & 1 additional typesetter for HSDK if anyone is interested)

Stay tuned, maybe more stuff later!

My stomach hurts. I woke up this morning. It was killing me. Eventually went away, then just recently, it came back. What the hell.

If ever you guys have the time, visit Manga Flame. It’s a new online manga reading site. It’s fairly new, so it doesn’t contain that many series yet. But they’re growing, and should receive your support.

The releases today are.

Gantz 269. !Gantz269 is the trigger.
HSDK 98-107. !HSDK98 or !HSDK12 depending on what you want. Chapter 98 is the last of volume 11. After that, we have a full volume release of volume 12. That includes chapters 99 to 107.
Holyland 23. !Holyl23 is the trigger
Riki-Oh 18 !Riki18. If you want the previous chapters, thetriggers are !Riki01 !Riki02 & Riki12 to Riki17 for volume 01,volume 02 and chapters 13 to 17 respectively.
Tista 4. !Tista4 If you want the previous chapters, triggersare !Tista1 to !Tista3.

Just for your information, Holyland, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi & Riki-Oh all need some more editors to increase the speed of the releases. If you’re interested in helping out, apply on the forums. Thank you.

Enjoy your reading.

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