Clarification for HSDK

Okay, well, it seems some people just aren’t able to read a full paragraph without turning their brains off. So I’ll write up a few lines stating facts so that people don’t ask me the same question 100 times.

1) We released HSDK 108 (In Volume 13) & 144 (In Volume 17) recently. Everything in-between isn’t scanlated.

2) We will continue to scanlate volume 13 to 16 until we fill the gap. The releases will most likely be volume releases. That isn’t for sure, though.

3) We will continue to scanlate volume 17 & up for the people who’ve seen the anime and are dying for more.

4) We need Editors and Proofreaders to increase the release speed. Ah, shit. Wrong post to mention that—-

(Apparently we’re arrogant and jealous. I understand the arrogant part, but why would someone who’s driving an Audi A8 be jealous of someone driving a used Honda Civic? Oh well, I won’t try to understand the logic.)



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