Where have all the good times gone~?

Recruiting proofreaders (Ammongst everything else). Kinda, somewhat urgent I guess.

I had 4 usual proofreaders.

1 of them is getting used to university & exams and is putting her time into school while passing by time to time. (Taisa)

1 of them disappeared, probably due to exams. (grlubb)

1 of them just bought a new house & his office moved along with more working hours, so can’t dedicate himself to proofreading as much. (theAntagonist)

1 of them is on irc all the time but bitches about the same shit I bitch about, then constantly goes on about Dexter or DGM or some shit while never actually doing any work. (Digital_Eon)

That being said, I’d like to start typesetting some stuff (Tough, Riki-Oh, Holyland, just to name a few…) but I have nobody to proofread them!

If you wanna apply, you to need to have the following:

-Good English (Obviously)
-Either idle on IRC, or often active on the forums.
-Good worker.

So, apply now!

Thanks for reading.

PS. Proofread this post while you’re at it. Not that it’ll score you extra points or anything.

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