A new… Old project Release. “Wait, you guys are doing what-!?”

“You guys are doing History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi [again]!?

Didn’t you guys drop that, like, a year & a half ago?

What the f— is this?”

Okay, let me explain. First off, yes, we did drop HSDK over a year & a half ago when the team doing it left the group. I had no interest in the manga (Still don’t, I can’t find anything good about it.).

Second, a few people we recruited recently came from Kuro-Hana. I first recruited Lavos (Editor for Koukou Tekken-den Tough & Riki-Oh, and some other stuff at times.) and after a week, he invited the people in K-H to work here (Zero_Profile & richvh). They came, and are currently working here. They eventually asked me if they could continue HSDK in this group, because their typesetter/leader in Kuro-Hana had gone MIA. I accepted, and we got a typesetter for them.

Third, if ever Kuro-Hana gets their typesetter back and is back up & running properly, I don’t know what’ll happen. My instincts tell me they’ll go back to doing it solo (Which is fine with me really), but if not, it might just mean faster release. Who knows. Time’ll tell.

In any case, enjoy the release. Available via IRC, and DDL later on.

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