A bunch of releases


First of all, thanks to all two of you who applied as proofreaders (Much <3).

Second of all, we have a bunch of releases tonight! Houray!

Riki-Oh Chapter 8 Well, what can I say about this. It’s fucking Riki-Oh!

Hello Baby One Shot Something I’ve been planning to do ever since it was first announced. I love Takeshi Obata’s art, and Masanori Norita is pretty cool himself. Since the people in TOWNL like Obata’s stuff too, we decided to make a nice scanlation of Hello Baby (You can delete the LQ crap you had before.)

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Chapter 82 I’ve said it before, I don’t like anything about this series. But plenty of people [somehow] enjoy this, so, uh… Enjoy? I guess?

Holyland Chapter 15 Our first release with our new joint partners at Hyde-Ltd. Hopefully chapter 16’ll be out not too long from now.

And finally, Tista Chapter 01. This is easily the single chapter that I’ve put the most work on in my entire scanlation career. You don’t want to know what happened with this over the last 14 days. A lot of translation problems (Initial translator was off very often–To the point he wrote his own dialogue at some points.), had 4 other different translators chip in at certain points. Then I finally stumbled along richvh who decided to t/l check the whole chapter, and re-check it after I did all of his changes. Then I had to do the bubble-SFX. Then, the bad part came. Anath’s QC. A whopping 7kb .txt file with QC changes. I felt like strangling him in the 3-4 hours I was working on fixing the chapter. As for the editting, I had a bunch of problems figuring out the proper sharpening filter on the back. I think I used 4-5 different ones seperately until I found the proper one. Anyway, to sum it up, a lot of work.

A special thanks to methanol, anpan & Kaens for the help on the chapter even though you weren’t credited.

In any case, enjoy!

Release-Downloads (too lazy to link them seperatly – sry)

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