Finally Completed

It’s finally here.

To coincide with the arrival of Gantz Phase II is our new layout, designed and created by Deus_Gear, with the exception of the pretty banner above which Namonaki has created to replace our old “Nos Es Illustrator” logo and to fit the overall look of the rest of the site. As you can see, the new site contains 30000% more colours than the last version, and there is a lot less gray going around. Most of the site is under construction and still being worked on, so aside from graphically, not much has changed- but we should be fully operational in a few weeks or so. Again, huge thanks to Deus for completing the site and deciding to use a font with capitals. Don’t hold your breath for a Christmas layout.

Also, our project page should be an accurate portrayal of what we’re currently working on, and answer any questions of whether or not we dropped series A or series B. If it’s not there, or if it’s under the “Dropped” category (not entirely sure if we’re only going to list projects we’re working on) then it pretty much means we’re not working on it. On the other hand, if it’s on the page, and releases aren’t coming out, it’s probably stalled due to one reason or another, but unless we specifically state that we need staff, it’s most likely going slow. On a sidenote, APPLY TODAY! (Negligent people need not comply.)

Oh, and the first chapter of Gantz Phase II is coming up. Expect a news post by GGpX.

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