A few things…

[A few things I’d like to talk about]

First, using our scanlations in international languages:

Here is our policy on international language of our releases:

1- We are not against international scanlators using our chapters for their own releases in a language that isn’t English. (Obviously)

2- If you do want to use our chapters for your releases, please contact us ahead of time asking for permission. Contact us in English. We have some staff that could speak some other languages (I can speak French for example) if ever it is needed.

3- When you contact us, please give us a) Your group’s name, b) Your website, c) Your IRC address, and d) Whether it’ll be a one-time thing or you plan on doing it every week. If you plan to do it every week, we’ll link to your group’s (If it is a group) website and/or IRC on a thread here.

4- Last of all, please give us credit for our original work. That’s the minimum we ask for. A link to our site and/or IRC would be fun, but not mandatory.

Second, we need a new HTTP Mirror for our releases.

Okay, so in the last few weeks our HTTP Mirror has gone down because of the excessive downloads. We’re happy and sad for this. Happy because our scanlations are downloaded by a lot of people on a large basis (Our first first Mirror ever died because we had around 150GB of transfers on it per month. This was about 7-8 months ago when we had about 70~ chapters released; We have over 200 now) and we’re sad because we’ll need a second HTTP mirror to host our files in fear that our current mirror will die.

So, if there’s anybody with a kind heart that would be willing to donate a HTTP Mirror for us to continue hosting files, please give us a call! We’ll appreciate it.

[Thanks for reading.]

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