If elected, I promise to lower taxes and legalize marijuana…

Bleh. I feel like a politician.

Anyways, none of my prior statements have come true yet, and I have a feeling some of them never will. The Gantz Manual and the HQ volumes of Gantz are still in the works, although I’m not entirely sure of their respective statuses.

The layout I promised three months or so ago hasn’t come up yet, but with our old gears finally in motion again, I’m sure it’s not that far behind. Also, the layout will not be done by illiteracy, but by our local Russian, former drunkard and presumably sole webmaster, Deus_Gear. (Please hold all applause till the end.)

As far as I know, Illuminati-Download.net has gone the way of AnimeKoko.com, and right now we’re temporarily using ggpx.bechstien.com as our DD host as our former one is currently experiencing some difficulties. Don’t rape the bandwith.

Most of the releases coming from us have been, predictably, joints. Furuba, Elfen Lied, and Dragon Head to name a few. Our individual projects haven’t been moving at all, and I cite lack of staff to be the main problem. We need DEDICATED (we have enough people who say that they can, then decide a day later that they can’t) staff, for basically any position, except for maybe the Proofreader occupation. When it comes to proofreading, unless you are extremely well-versed in the English language, and/or have a natural ability to catch mistakes and correctly re-arrange mangled literal translations into fully legible and understandable English sentences: We don’t want you. Especially if you’re taking English 8 in highschool even though you’re a senior, and pride yourselves on being able to spell “grammer”. All you’ll get for your effort is an unanswered application- most likely because the person reviewing your application was horrified by your abuse of the English language and had his mentality reduced to the same level as an infant’s. Which only serves to deplete our already-small numbers even further.

Being a new, or inexperienced editor does not serve as much of a problem as long as you’re willing to learn (this hasn’t changed). We would prefer editors with at least some experience, however. But as it is, we’d be happy with a dozen inexperienced editors who are eager and willing to improve rather than one editor with some experience. Unless said editor is an editing-machine who can do the work of a dozen. Anyways, a healthy mixture of both would be preferred.

Translators are ALWAYS welcome as long as they can, well, translate. We’re sorely in need of them, and they would be highly appreciated. Raw Providers and artists we need little of at this point, as those are positions best suited for when a group is trying to expand their horizons.

As you can probably tell, we’ve experienced some downsizes in staff, and a lot of departures and retirements from the scanlating scene and Illuminati-Manga. If you’ve applied before, and haven’t gotten a reply yet- Please try again if you are still interested, as I will be actively checking applications. Also, if your last application was rather bare, please elaborate. I do not look forward to applications that look like the applicant went out of his or her way to make the minimal effort.

Well, that should be long enough to make up for the lack of news in the past month. Things are beginning to happen again behind the scenes, so don’t be surprised if the next news post is in a couple of days, rather than a couple of months.

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