Phase One: Complete. Initiating Phase Two…

As you may have already heard, Gantz Phase 1 has ended with chapter 237.

This means no Gantz chapter next week, the week after that, or for the next couple of months. Phase 2 will be beginning sometime in November- more specifically- The sixteenth. So you’ll have to live with that cliff hanger for a while longer.

Of course, even with this announcement on our front page, I’m completely sure that at least a couple of people will still come onto IRC and pester us with questions of “wat happned to gantz?1! did u guys stopp?” We’re awaiting those of you who will, and thanking those of you who won’t.

In the meantime, we’ll be continuing on with our other projects, finally getting around to that Gantz Manual, and maybe churning out a HQ volume release or two of Gantz.

[Cooler’s note: We plan to release HQ volumes of 17-19. Work on 17 is commencing shortly.]

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