The Return of the King…

After a week and a half or so of silence (that is, until Deus broke it) I’m here to reassure you that Illuminati-Manga is still, in fact, alive. And more importantly, I’m alive as well.

There’s a couple of things that’s keeping Illuminati-Manga busy… We’re currently re-organizing staff and training editors to maintain a level of quality so our releases are consistently high-quality instead of sometimes looking like crap and sometimes looking great. Also, I think we might’ve lost a couple of members here and there which might account for our recent inactiveness, and somebody hasn’t been checking the new applications out to replace ’em…

Anyways, what’s up with our projects? Well, Naruto’s slowly coming along under EOD, Elfen Lied is going to be moving again, Gantz 226 isn’t out yet, there was a mix-up in translation for GetBackers and I don’t know about the rest. Consider FMP and Partner dead for now until we can find a translator for them.

Now, I myself was gone since my last news post on February 8th because the internet at my new residence was messed up. Why does that matter? Well, I suppose I’m the reason why the new applications haven’t be accepted, Elfen Lied and Getbackers are stalled and various other duties that were my own weren’t exactly fufilled until recently (like torrenting and putting up files on HTTP).

But you know, you can’t blame me. I spent ten days calling my ISP and apparently if you renew your IP address the first time and it doesn’t work, the hundreth time is the charm. Maybe it’s like trying to fly. If it doesn’t work out the first time, then peel yourself off the cement, jump off the Empire State building and try again. Technical Support was obviously not helping me, so I toyed with the thought of asking stupid questions on purpose to get them irritated. Like asking if I needed a computer to access the internet, or whether or not I had to use a mouse because I was part of the PETA and disapproved of animal slavery. I was being treated like an idiot, might as well give them a reason to. But I realized that some people might actually ask questions like those, so I pitied them and continued to call in and insist them to check their main office. They finally sent a technician over and admitted it was their fault today, so here I am.

You know… To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really that pissed though, since I spent my free time watching GunGrave and enjoying life in general while my scanslating commitments were put on hold. I actually considered telling the technician to hold off the repairs until Spring Break, so I could take a long, extended vacation… Kind of like Oku’s. But then the GunGrave episodes ran out, and I needed my fix of anime/manga… So I gave in.

God, I’m so weak.

(By the way, the title isn’t referring to The Lord of the Rings… It’s referring to The Lion King. I actually didn’t notice that misconception until after I had written the whole thing out.)

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