So what’s really going on?

Here’s a basic status report on our projects:
Naruto– Presently under the control of FF7799’s Illuminati-Manga: EOD Division. They’ll have a quadruple release ready shortly…hopefully within a week. The quality will be much higher than past Naruto releases.

Gantz– We’re up to date; having no problems…expect a release of chapter 226 by Wednesday assuming the raw comes out tomorrow.

Elfen Lied– Operating perfectly.

Gantz Manual– We just got a new translator for it who is working away. Our previous translator was very, very busy, hence the reason we haven’t released it yet. We’ll have it ready soon, depending on how fast this new translator is.

Getbackers– Ah Jeez…this one is a mess. Basically, we’ve got plenty of editors and proofreaders. We’re doing a joint with Fucking-Manga (yes, that’s their name for those who hadn’t heard of them before…all 2 of you) on it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get in contact with them. They gave us one script, but it was the wrong chapter…in other words, we’re up a creek without a damn paddle. If I can’t get in contact with FM within the next couple of weeks I’ll just break the joint and get a new translator for the project. We’re sorry about the delays; we should resume normal releases as soon as I can get the translations under control.

Full Metal Panic– GGPx was doing this as an individual project. GGPx vanished and went to cooking school. What does this mean for FMP? Quite frankly, I have no idea. For now we are maintaining the project…but there’s not much we can do until GGP talks to us again. If you’re out there GGP, please let me know…

Shonan Junai Gumi (or however the hell you spell it)- Our original translator was switched over to HSDK. The second translator isn’t available until March 1. I could assign a third translator but I need him elsewhere. For that reason, we won’t have any SJG until March, at which point releases should be much faster. Sorry for all the delays.

Battle Royale– My project. It’s being cleaned. My translator was out of town for a while; he’s doing pretty well with it. We will start by releasing volume 15, hopefully within a month, and then go back and work from volume 1. Why? Because Tokyopop royally screwed up their version.

Partner– Dropped. The original team picked it up again; I axed it. If Kei would get off his lazy ass and remove it from the Projects page we’d be all set.

HSDK– Active. I have nothing to do with it, so that’s about all I can say.

We’ve got at least 2 individual projects that haven’t been announced yet and we’re presently noodling around what to pick up yet. A big problem is lack of raws…for example, I’ve thought of doing Eden but can’t find the damn raws. If any of you are in Japan and can scan manga for us, I’d send you 1000 virgins…or something like that.

Anyways…that’s about it. As usual, we’re always looking for more staff, translators in particular. We also really need an IRC distro bot.

Oh yeah…if any of you live anywhere near Oku (Gantz’s mangaka), please go throw an egg at him. Gantz might as well be a bimonthly series at this point…I mean, if your WEEKLY series is coming out at about the same rate as Berserk, you’re obviously doing something wrong.

-Cooler, the seldom-heard-from head of Illuminati

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