BakaOne and the Amazing Pear

Gantz 225 is out… Yes, 225 not 224. There was a mistake in the naming process, and we somehow ended up with a chapter 225 named 224. It wasn’t intentional, and we’re not to blame… Kurono’s to blame. We were all distracted by his manliness in one of the flashback scenes, so we missed the misnaming of the files completely. You’ll see what I mean.
Anyways, it really, really shouldn’t matter unless:
A) You’re archiving it or using it for distroing purposes.
B) Your girlfriend (or boyfriend… Girls do exist on the internet) just dumped you and you’re pissed at the world. Including the scanslation world.
If you’re any of the two, then go get it on HTTP here.

Meanwhile, I’m binging on pears. I’ve gotten to six so far, and my head’s starting to hurt, so if you know something about pears causing death, please send a warning my way. I promise I’ll give you Naruto 292 and 293 (Ha!).

So, what’s up with Naruto? If you were a staff member, I would say something like “I don’t know what the hell is going on.” But you’re the public, so I have to feed you some BS like “We’re suffering some technical difficulties.” Yeah, we’re suffering some technical difficulties.

If you’ve read the credits page already, you might’ve realized that I don’t have a story for you today. A pity. I was hoping to establish my reputation as “that guy who always types pages about pointless shit instead of getting to the point”.

One day, I’ll look back on this news post and think “What the hell was I high on? … Oh yeah, pears.”

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