She Sells Seashells By The Seashore…

(Original Title That I Can’t Use Because Kei Set The Title Limit To 50 Characters: He Said That She Said That They Said That We Said That I Posted The News.)

As you may or may not have noticed, the latest releases function is working… One click and you’re off to a forum post that directs you to the torrent and HTTP links, or in EL’s case, a nice big sign pointing to our IRC channels. You can thank Kei^ for that. The latest releases function, not the sign.

So, what’s new? Nothing much. CoolPupRocks used her Detective Conan-like sluething skills to track down and interrogate GGpX (The Missing Project Leader). Obviously, he cracked and we managed to find out why he wasn’t around for the last month or so. Apparently, he was busy cooking. Not even in the cool “Yakitate!! Japan” or “Addicted To Curry” style, in which they have cooking competitions, secret formulas and hot girls. Just plain ol’ cooking. I have the feeling that even if it was like Yakitate!! Japan, GGpX would probably be the real life equivalent to Kawachi.

Anyways, going back to our projects, Naruto’s coming along well and it looks like we might have a double release on our hands. I don’t think I’ll be posting on the news for that, so just keep your eye on the trusty afore mentioned function and you’ll know when it’s out.

So, I realized that there must’ve been dozens of releases by other groups by now- I don’t know why some of you waiting for us. For high quality? It’s something that I still don’t understand, as I used to be one of those people who grab the first sub they see- regardless of quality or group. Yep, I was somebody who would watch Anime-Junkie subs. Being a scanslator has changed that a little though and I find myself developing preferences and setting standards for my anime and manga. It’s scary. I can no longer blindly download the fastest sub, I have to pay attention. It’ll take some getting used to, but I’ll get the hang of it. If you have any recommendations for anime, please tell me. I haven’t touched any titles in a while, so I don’t know what’s good or bad or meh.

And just in case people start to get angry at me for my shameful past, Deus is still a heartless leecher- worse than I was. So maul him instead.

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