The Sword of Alexander 01

Good Sunday morning,

Another new project, yeah. We’ve had this one in the works since 2019 and cleaning this series is quite the task. One of the more unique cleaning requirements due to the amount of greys and lack of solid whites/blacks.

The Sword of Alexander (!SOA01) – So, how exactly can I describe this series… It’s authored by Baku Yumemakura, a known author for novels and has gotten involved in a few mangas. We scanlated a series authored by him called Garouden a few years ago. These are two polar opposite series, though. The artist is Kortean artist Dohae, and he has a pretty unique style. You’ll see that right away based on the atmosphere of the series. This series has samurais, violence, and a bunch of elements I can’t bring up without spoiling the series. Regardless, it’s a very fun series and I would recommend it if you want an enjoyable ride. A big thank you as usual to Hokuto no Gun for their help as usual, this feels like it’s our 20th series together. Here’s to another 20 series in the future.

By the way, any of you know someone who’d be interested in translating some Saruwatari and/or Hoshino content? Send ’em my way, or tell me where they are and I’ll go nag them 🙂

Have a good one.

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