Himeanole 01

Sup! I never really thought I would have the luck to work on another Furuya Minoru manga, but here we are. In general, there is just something alluring with the way Furuya fleshes out characters in his works. It’s always a captivating read to say the least.

Actually Ciguatera was one of my first Seinen mangas I read, scanlated by Mangascreener back in 2005… what a time it was, early unfiltered web, everything felt so magical, checking their website for that good stuff, reading forums, downloading those zip files straight from the site server. Simpler times.

Anyway, Ciguatera was a banger and when 2010 rolled around and Mangascreener was winding down (if I recall correctly barbapapa told me (just before he pulled an irish goodbye) that he learned moon runes and was done) I finally got a chance to get involved with Furuya’s older work, Boku to Issho, by convincing everyone to do a joint.

So here we are Himeanole / Himeanoru ch01 (!Hime01) as a joint with the wonderful people over at Dekoboko Scanlations.

What’s it about? Oh well, you know a slice of life horror drama revolving around ordinary peoples extraordinary mishaps. Buckle up for the ride.

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  1. '_>`

    Holy shit never thought I’d see the day when Himeanole gets translated! Glad I refrained from watching the movie adaptation. My first experience with Furuya was with the anime adaptation of Ping Pong Club some 17 years ago and I’ve been hooked with his works ever since! Glad more of his works are still being translated. Thanks to everyone working on it.

  2. ;)

    Thank you everyone at Illuminati for continuing to put smiles on the faces of Manga fans!
    And I have been a fan for almost from the beginning. GGPX has been gracious to listen to some of my requests that I am eternally grateful for. As Minoru Furuya starting to gain some attention at mainstream publishers ( Ciguatera) , the great folks at Illuminati are already aware how awesome he is and continue with the tradition of being ahead of the game.
    Thank You !

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