Here comes 2020

My toilet seal gasket was leaking today, a bit of a messy start to the new year.

Feels like I’m old enough and seen enough to stop making any new year resolutions. It’s like whatever you know, getting new skills is whatever, working out is whatever. If you wanna do something, just do it, then give up on it and restart in November out of shame for giving up.

On what series are you gonna focus in 2020?
– On regular basis we will release Idiot Section Chief, Kimi (Love hurts), Cobra, Kizu Darake. And here and there, once upon a quarter you might also see Tough, Dog Soldier, The Hard (if we get someone to step up and help with redraws). Other series chapters will come out on “when it’s done” basis.

There are also a few started series that are pending final touches, so certainly gonna be a busy year.

Anyway releases and their irc triggers:
Idiot Section Chief 14 & 15 (!Idiot14 !Idiot15) – still an idiot, even in 2020.
Zig 02 (!Zig2) – scummy MI6 is meddling with Glorious China’s internal affairs, not cool

2 Thoughts to “Here comes 2020”

  1. tom

    where do i go to download zig

    1. Nitouryu

      You can download all manga from our irc channel.

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