Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas, everyone. I’d like to write a long post like last year, but frankly, I’m beat. It’s been a long, shitty day and I can’t wait to go to bed. Work & a workout is waiting for me tomorrow. My couch and sleep is right around the corner. Maybe I’ll write something for the New Years, who knows…

So, here are the releases.

Kizu Darake no Jinsei v02 (!Kizu02) – We continue the story of our muscular protagonist’s quest to become a good person, kinda.

Space Adventure Cobra (!Cobra16.5) – The beginning of volume 11. Thank you to Hokuto no Gun & HappyScans for their help!

Yankee Go To Juku 28 (!Juku28) – A big thank you as usual to Nuwang for translating. 🙂

You Loved Me So Much It Hurt 14 & 14.5 (!Kimi14 !Kimi14.5)) – This concludes volume 2, at last. The redraws in this series are annoying as hell, ugh.

Zig 01 (!Zig01) – Another Saruwatari series. You’re fucking right, another Saruwatari series. This time, he’s getting authored by Nagasaki Takashi, the famous author of Pluto & Billy Bat with Urasawa Naoki as the artist. The only thing missing about today is the lack of Hoshino Yukinobu. I have a bunch of stuff scanned by Hoshino, but nothing in the works for the time being.

As usual, there were a lot of other things we had planned to release today, but we couldn’t finish up for a variety of reasons. Mostly, just life keeping us busy and therefore not having enough time to do them. Literally all of the things we had in mind to release were being hung up because of redraws. 🙁

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