Introducing, Yankee Go To Juku


It might be the first day of summer, but it sure doesn’t feel like summer’s arrived here yet. I’m getting impatient.

Yankee Go To Juku (!Juku01) – So this is the first of the two new projects I mentioned a few days ago when we released Alice. We’re teaming up with Nuwang to work on this series. Go visit his site and thank him.

A little backstory on this series. One of our translators, laika, had asked me to buy a bunch of books in hopes of scanlating them one day back in 2014. This series was one them. The art was interesting, the street fighting is always fun, and there were virtually no redraws. In the first volume, there’s only a single redraw in the whole volume. A big plus for me, to be frank. I had a new editor in 2015, and for training, I got him to clean volume 1. I was hoping to find a translator much sooner than I did, but I’m very thankful that I noticed Nuwang translating another series by the same artist and I contacted him about this in December. After finishing the series he was working on, he took a break, sent me a message about it a few weeks ago and we got to work. And now, if all goes well, we should be a doing a weekly release every Friday.

I’m terrible at writing a synopsis, but here’s my best attempt. Nuwang wrote a much better synopsis than I ever could, so I blatantly stole it from his site (Thanks <3).

Ikariishi is the strong, silent type. He’s the top dog of Masu Junior High along with his friends Utsunomiya and Takamizawa. One day, however, things start to change when he meets a girl that drags him along to cram school. Can Ikariishi afford to spend his time studying for entrance exams, with danger not far behind him?


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