Alice in Hell – End

Alice in Hell 43 – (!AIH43)

Nearly seven years after we released the first chapter, we’ve finally completed Alice in Hell. A big thank you to momimomi for translating the first half, ckrit for translating the second half, dh85 for cleaning & QCing. An even bigger thank you to Nitouryu for continuing the cleaning and getting my ass in gear to finish the series.

Nitouryu had this to say:
.:08·39·15:. «@Nitouryu» official name is “Alice from Hell”
.:08·42·26:. «~GGpX» That’s all you want to say? o-o;
.:08·42·28:. «@Nitouryu» Let me write an email and then I will think of something
.:08·42·31:. «@Nitouryu» no no
.:08·42·33:. «@Nitouryu» 😀
.:08·43·40:. «~GGpX» k~ 
.:08·57·53:. «@Nitouryu» “Feels good man. Another series completed. 7 years thought.. not gonna lie, I will miss that mad lad Shuu. Thank you to everyone involved in the series! On to the next one.”

For various reasons, Alice in Hell has always been a bit of a pain in the ass to work on. It’s not that it was a particularly difficult series to do, it wasn’t. Not many redraws, a fair amount of text, not too many font requirements, pretty standard translation procedures… But for whatever reason, something always came up. I guess it’s just one of those things.

As we complete Alice in Hell, we’re about to start on two new projects. One is a long project (15 total volumes) and another is a shorter one (4 total volumes). The first project is something that kind of just happened overnight, literally 2 weeks ago. I had bought the books 6-7+ years ago, but never bothered scanning them because I had a bunch of other things to scan before. Then while I was talking with a translator I know, he told me that he had translated the whole thing already and I couldn’t resist. The second series is something we’ve started working on a few years ago. I had bought the four volumes back in 2014 or 2015, scanned the first volume and had it cleaned… but I never had a translator for it, until recently. We should be releasing chapter 1 in the next few days, barring a last minute problem.

Finally, to conclude my rambling, I need to make a little bit of a plea. I really enjoy scanlating, despite how bitter I often come across. But I’m in need of help. Outside of my usual Hoshino Yukinobu & Saruwatari Tetsuya craze, there’s a lot of series I’d like to work on. Prior to writing this post, I have 165 books in my Scanning folder that have not been scanlated. I have a lot of things I’d like to scanlate. But to get to that, I need a translator and a redrawer. Without more staff, we’ll still release from time to time, but we’ll be slow. I’d like to be able to go a little bit faster and to be perfectly honest, the more people I have, the more motivation I get.

Email me: gaminggodp at gmail dot com
PM me on IRC: (If I’m not replying, leave me a way to contact you)
PM me on Discord: GGpX#0073

I enjoy working with the people I’ve come to know and can proudly call my friends. I’ve known my editor Nitouryu for over a decade now and when we’re done scanlating, we’re still going to talk. At this point, we’re probably a package deal. When I’m done, he’s done and vice-versa probably.

I’m done for today, enjoy yourselves.

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  1. Alonso UnoPuntoCinco

    Read the final chapter some days ago. Great work. Thanks for translating this work by papi Jiro Matsumoto

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