Logs from my attempt at finding a cleaning tutorial on Youtube + Release + News

Hello gang!

I received an application from someone who wanted to clean! Great news! …Until I remembered that there are basically no quality cleaning guides available on the internet. Lovely. So this time, instead of browsing through random websites and finding the usual shit that passes off as “meticulous”, “detailed”, “quality”… I decided to go on Youtube. Maybe writing everything out and posting images was just too much of a pain in the ass and besides, that seems like quite the pre-Youtube method, whereas now you can just show people exactly what you mean.

I’ll be perfectly honest… That was a colossal fuck-up. A fuck-up of epic proportions. I found so much shit it made a toilet jealous. There was only one video I found that was worthy of mention and even then, it got half of it wrong. It was so… ugh.

So, I decided to post some of my reactions and rants to a few videos I saw on Youtube.

.:22·16·44:. «!GGpX» Fuck me, there are no good tutorials on redrawing for newbies. I have a new applicant, but I still can’t find a good guide for him. I miss illiteracy’s old guide, shame it was lost on the old site.
.:22·17·01:. «!GGpX» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlvJ7b-lMFU is pretty good, but still flawed. The pen & blacks are really well done, but Jesus, the patterns are terrible. Doesn’t even try make an effort to make the patterns look good.
.:22·17·14:. «!GGpX» Making doubles of the background is not a good idea
.:22·36·15:. «!GGpX» Holy fuck, these Youtube videos are so…
.:22·36·48:. «!GGpX» There’s one video that was looking so promising on certain things, then the guy decides to make every fucking panel straight.
.:22·36·54:. «!GGpX» Motherfucker, that isn’t… Sigh. Some panels aren’t straight on purpose…

(I continue watching the video a little bit more)

.:22·39·11:. «!GGpX» and then!
.:22·39·25:. «!GGpX» He has everything straight, he has a quality tankobon scan, and he says
.:22·39·33:. «@kyuubi654» denoise!
.:22·39·33:. «!GGpX» “Okay, now we’re gonna get the filters”
.:22·39·38:. «!GGpX» MOTHERFUCKER DON’T
.:22·39·40:. «!GGpX» DON’T
.:22·39·42:. «@kyuubi654» hehe
.:22·39·43:. «!GGpX» DON’T FUCKING DO IT
.:22·40·01:. «!GGpX» Jesus motherfucking Christ.
.:22·40·11:. «!GGpX» I think I’m gonna call illiteracy
.:22·40·27:. «!GGpX» I’ll pay him $100 and make him do a series of cleaning tutorials.
.:22·40·38:. «!GGpX» Cleaning manga 101, the right way.
.:22·40·47:. «!GGpX» This is so… ugh
.:22·41·03:. «@kyuubi654» and then that dude merges all the redraw layers
.:22·41·09:. «@kyuubi654» ouch

So… Yeah. Like the feminists trying to censor you from saying mean things, hear my roar.

Kyoko v2 (!Kyoko02) – Speaking of feminists, our feminist manga is officially done. A big thank you to zindryr (where ever you might be!) for translating, Nitouryu for cleaning and tim for typesetting v02 while I was away. Love you guys.

So, news. Stuff you guys might be interested in. So, let’s begin!

-I Am A Hero: We have  v17 scanned and I have v18 at home, but our translator hasn’t answered the emails I sent for the last month or so. I sent another one tonight, but if I don’t hear back, I’m unfortunately going to have to find someone else.

-Alice in Hell: Don’t have translations for it, can’t go any further until we do.

-Crueler Than Dead: Ditto.

-Dog Soldier: Working on v2 now. Will be released in January.

-Inherit The Stars: I received a chapter translation recently, but besides that, no immediate plans unless a new translator shows up.

-Koukou Tekken-den Tough: No cleaner for the redraws = no releases. We get a cleaner, releases will come.

-Master Keaton: Got licensed, it’s dropped. We will do Master Keaton: Remaster eventually, though.

-Mephisto: See Alice in Hell & Crueler Than Dead.

-Odyssey: Working on finding a translator for it, but just like AIH, CTD & Mephisto…

-REAL: Next vol goes for sale in Spring.

-Sasori: Currently waiting on the Latvijan to stop partying & upload ch7’s cleans.

-Shamo: I still plan on finishing the series, even though the fraudulent group already did. There are missing chapters in volume 18 or 19, I don’t remember, that were never scanlated so we’ll do those eventually.

-Suicide Island: Don’t know. I really don’t know what we’re gonna do. We might continue it, we might not. Unsatisfactory answer? Welp, that’s life, isn’t it?

-The Hard: Semi-regular releases as long as I get cleans.

And now, future projects. Our next release is going to be a cute, slice of life cat manga. We’ve done a few things by the author before, so if you’re good at putting 2 and 2 together… I’m also hoping to do more Saruwatari in 2016, maybe picking up another series of his now that Dokuro is done. I would also like to do another series by Ikegami Ryoichi. I have something in mind for him, already scanned. I got someone who agreed to translate it, but he’s never sent me anything for it yet. If I get something for it, we’ll move forward with the series. We’re gonna have more panpanya for sure, more from Mizayaki Natsujikei and hopefully a lot of fun & interesting stuff.

Thanks for sticking around an overall tough year and let’s welcome 2016 with open arms. See you next time.

4 Thoughts to “Logs from my attempt at finding a cleaning tutorial on Youtube + Release + News”

  1. CorvoZumbi

    I have been looking google for an hour and cant find crueler than dead raw, do you have a link please?(sorry for the bad english)

  2. axtl789

    Don’t mean to pressure you but any information on Suicide Island’s scantlation would be deeply appreciated, even if it’s just to say you dropped it (hopefully not though!). As always, thanks for all of your hard work.

  3. Dukz

    I’m also curious to know more about Suicide Island’s status. Is there a lack of motivation for the series, or does the series need a translator, cleaner, or typesetter in order to continue?

  4. denpa-tan

    Hello, I found your program while searching for scanlations things, I used it and I liked it a lot, so I was wondering, did you drop the project? Because the v2 it’s from a year ago according to youtube.

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