A (smaller) Annual Celebration

Hi, cuties~

Merry Christmas.

As is usually the case, we have a big Christmas release. Not nearly as big as previous years, because, well… Yeah. But still, a good haul.

(We need translators, redrawers, apply now~  gaminggodp at gmail dot com)

Dokuro v4 (!Dokuro4) – The final volume of Saruwatari’s wolf manga. Well, sort of wolf manga. Hope you enjoyed! Big thanks to Hokuto no Gun for translating it and look forward to a bunch of other projects with them in the future.

REAL v14 (!REAL14) – Go treat yourselves to a nice Christmas gift and support the author & Viz by buying the English volumes.

Sasori c6 (!Sasori6) – After being away for a while, we’re back to releasing this manga. Thanks to HappyScans! as usual for their help.

The Hard c6 (!Hard06) – More Saruwatari! Enjoy~

See you on January 1st with the Hangover Release.

2 Thoughts to “A (smaller) Annual Celebration”

  1. G

    Thanks guys. Merry Christmas.

  2. Chore Boy

    Jesus, would it kill you fucks to do Alice in Hell or Suicide Island? If you can’t handle the project load, try to hand it off to somebody else. Aside from the past month, you hardly did shit. Funny how you nabbed Suicide Island from Death Toll, only to end up needing their assistance. You outpaced them only when they passed you up in chapters and when they gave up, you barely made any releases. It’s like you wanted it just to keep others from translating it. You are a such a childish cunt. I remember years ago, you confronted me in IRC because I was telling somebody else that you were a series thief. All you did was talk shit like some immature teenager trying to act cool and tough in front of his “friends.” Man, you sure told me lol. Happy holidays!

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