Mother Sarah v10


Mother Sarah v10 (!Sarah10 !MotherS10) – This is the conclusion of volume 10. When v11 will be done, who knows. I need an editor (or Lordof to show up again) to do the cleaning because the volume is translated.

The series is a post-Apocalyptic story about a mother named Sarah venturing across the world to find her three lost children. Accompanied by a travelling salesman, Tsue, Sarah encounters different challenges in her quest to find her children. Mother Sarah is a series authored by Otomo Katsuhiro, the famous creator of Akira. While the art looks a lot like his style, it was drawn by Nagayasu Takumi. I’ll be honest when I tell you I don’t know a whole ‘lot about the artist.

This is the first release for this series in close to seven full years. Look at it this way: The last time there was a release for this series, our group was barely getting by and not even a full year old.

Anyway, if you want to download the previous volumes, the triggers are the same as above, but change the “10” to whatever volume you want. Example, !Sarah01 or !MotherS02.

Big thank you to hahhah42 for translating and Tew for finding the online raws. This is actually the first tankobon release we’re doing  that hasn’t been bought & scanned by Nitouryu or me since our last Sengoku release. It’s been a while.

Yes, we buy & scan the vast majority of the manga we scanlated. If I had a digital camera, I’d take a few pictures of my piles of debinded manga that I’ve kept over the years since I scanned Elfen Lied v09 in Febuary 2007.

In any case, we got ourselves a proofreader in Cazdli, thank you for applying & helping us out. Now, if only we could get some redrawers.

See you later.

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