I need a proofreader (or two) who can stick around on IRC

Let me keep this brief:

I need one or even two proofreaders for various projects. (I could also use a bunch of other things, but right now I’d like to focus on proofreaders)

I currently have roughly two volumes worth of stuff translated that needs proofing before we typeset, and I don’t have any proofreaders to work on those series. It’s a problem, and it’s annoying me.

Here are the requirements:

1) You need to be [ideally] proficient in the English language. If you need to look up what “proficient” means, you need not apply. If you believe filtering the script through Microsoft Word to fix a few typos is good enough, you need not apply.

2) You need to be available to come on IRC and possibly idle there. If you don’t want to get familiar with IRC or idle there, I’m not going to accept you. I’m not saying you need to be there 24/7, every day of every week, but you need to be online to communicate with the rest of the group. Which leads me to point #3…

3) When you proofread scripts, you’ll be in contact with the translator and you’ll have to go over your changes with him/her/them. So it’ll be a little bit more than just proofreading the script, sending it to me and going on to the next script. You’ll be in discussion with the translators about certain changes.

If you’re interested, PM me on IRC. if I’m not there, leave me some information about you via PM.

Thanks for reading.

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