Some forests, for real, yo

Good evening,

We’re a little bit late with this, because we had planned to release it on Monday night, but shit, it wasn’t ready yet. Not to mention we had other stuff planned, but I guess that’ll be for next time.

I’d just like to mention that we’re actively recruiting¬†editors, proofreaders and quality checkers. We currently have an excess of translations, but not enough people to keep up with them. For example, Hito Hitori Futari v06 is completely translated. A few projects that I can’t name (One volumes projects mostly) have been translated, but again, we don’t have the remaining staff to keep up.

So if you’re interested in helping us increase the release speed, PM me on IRC or send me an email. We’d much prefer if you could idle (or at the very least, log on when you can work) on IRC because we’re an IRC group and it’s much easier to keep track of most folk.

Anyway, release time.

Little Forest v01 (!Forest01 !LF01) – This is our second joint with HotCakes and so far, it’s much more successful than our first one only because we don’t have to compete with Kotonoha. Ha ha ha… Yeah. Sorry for releasing without you guys btw, laika was on my ass like a pitbull and he really was planning on killing me if I didn’t release tonight.¬†Also, you can go thank them here.

REAL v12 (!REAL12 !REALv12) – Another year, another volume. Big thank you to kewl0210 for his time translating the volume. So yeah, enjoy. We’ll see you next year.

See you next time, son.

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