I blame the shitty referees

Welp, my Habs lost, even though they were the better team 3 games out of 5. But shit, after the run we had a few years ago with our goalie stealing every single game, I think it’s just karma smacking us and saying we’re kinda even now.

Oh well.


We’re recruiting staff members. The more staff members we get, the faster we can release. Simple math, right? If you’re interested in applying, please send me an e-mail OR visit us on irc. #illuminati-manga @ irc.irchighway.net.

Also, my server should be going down tomorrow (Friday) and I’m hoping the downtime won’t be too long. You can always use the Illuminati|Mad bot if you need to download something of ours.

I’m a little short on time again, so I’ll make this quick.

Alice in Hell 06 (!Alice06 !AIH06) – Sorry for the delay. momimomi’s been having some PC problems and prior to that, he was pretty focused on Sidonia. Now hopefully the project will be moving along a little faster.

Hito Hitori Futari 41-42 (!Hito41 !Hito42 !Hitori41 !Hitori42) – The beginning of a very enjoyable fifth volume. The sixth volume just went for sale and I’m waiting to hear back as to when they’ll ship it to me…

I Am A Hero v11 (!IAAH11 !Hero11) – There’s a lot of talking in this volume, but not much actually happening. But none the less, it sets up volume 12 pretty nicely. We’re thinking volume 12 will go for sale around the end of June.

Quick fyi… FMP Sigma I don’t have translations for, I haven’t heard from the translator (Avatar) in a little while, so I might need someone new to start translating for us (All the more reason to apply!)… We’re working on Real, don’t worry… We have some obsure seinen series we’re working on that’ll be released within a week, maybe two. Not totally sure how far into the series they are, all I’ve done is scan & whine about it… Shamo is just waiting on zindryr to translate. zindryr is busy with his girlfriend and work, so whenever he has an instant or two, he’ll start translating it. It just isn’t a priority in his life right now… We’ll be picking up a series with HappyScans! in the very near future. It’s a series that has a volume & a half to go before being completed, there hasn’t been a scanlation for that series in nearly seven years and the group doing it is defunct.

If you have a question, I’ll try to answer. Assuming I remember to check the comment.

See you.

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