Drink some coffee, will ya?

Good morning,

We were supposed to release this with the other batch, but it wasn’t done because a certain Italian was on vacation.

Anyway, I said we were going to release something by Toyoda Tetsuya this year, and here we are.

I’d just like to let you know that our translator, laika, is the same one who translated the first fourteen chapters for NCIS & Which Scanlations. We did not steal the translations from them to make this scanlation. laika specifically wanted to have chapters redone because, 1) They were mag scans and my scans were from a tankobon. 2) He feels like he’s improved as a translator and there were lines he wanted to fix up. Just so we’re clear.

Coffee Time (!Coffee !CTime) – A collection of seventeen short stories relating to coffee.

We have plans to do more stuff by Toyoda Tetsuya this year, since we all like his stuff. By “all”, I mean me, The Italian and laika. And as I’m writing this, laika asks…

.:11·46·38:. «@laika» what are you writing
.:11·46·48:. «@laika» shout out conclusion
.:11·46·59:. «@laika» tell him to come back to me 🙁
.:11·48·00:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Conclusion?
.:11·48·05:. «!GGpX-Sleep» You mean Cassius?
.:11·48·09:. «@laika» nop
.:11·48·13:. «@laika» conc was the proofer
.:11·48·17:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Oh.
.:11·48·26:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Okay, I’ll write it in the newspost.

So, Conclusion-kun, get your ass on IRC. laika wants you.

Small status update on some series… kewl0210 is going to start on some REAL chapters soon, same for the next volume of Hito Hitori Futari. FMP Sigma, waiting on a translation. The translator is pretty busy irl, so I don’t know what the ETA is. For Shamo, zindryr is already translating something else atm, but when he’s done, he’ll probably start on Shamo. IAAH, we sent the script to a proofreader to go over. Ummm… I think that’s all for the frequently asked series.

Have a good one.

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