No, that wasn’t an early April Fools joke.


I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Mine was, uh, less than memorable for a variety of reasons.

For starters, my dad asked me on Thursday to help him with something that will “take 5, maybe 10 minutes max.” Okay, sure. We had to fix the toilet. Well 11 hours over 2 days later, the toilet was beyond fucked so we had to buy a new one, and taking the old one out was difficult because we had little to no space to work and… Yeah, my Thursday & Friday were used up. Then Saturday & Sunday I kept having favors asked of me for various things, when all I wanted to do was scan some volumes I’ve bought over the last few months.

In any case…

Alice in Hell 05 (!Alice05 !AIH05) – The newest chapter of Alice in Hell. Sorry for the delay. Our translator, momimomi, had been putting a lot of his time on translating Sidonia no Kishi, which we had to drop. So now, he’ll be putting a little more focus on Alice and hopefully, more releases. 🙂

Futatabi by Miura Kentaro (!Futa !Futatabi) – Futatabi is a 1985 oneshot by the mangaka of Berserk, Miura Kentaro. It was a oneshot serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine. You can tell that even then, Miura was a talented artist.

Hito Hitori Futari 37-40 (!Hito37 !Hito38 !Hito39 !Hito40 !Hitori37 !Hitori38 !Hitori39 !Hitori40) – And this concludes volume 4. Now, if we’re lucky, I can convince kewl to take a break from translating Kingdom and get him to translate Hito and REAL. 🙂

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v20 (!Tough20 !KTT20) – This volume sets up the next fight pretty nicely with a surprise visitor.

Odyssey 06 (!Ody06 !Odyssey06) Thanks as usual to zindryr for translating the volume. This time, black people biting.

See you~

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