Yay, hockey’s back!

Even though my Habs suck – and will suck all season long – I’m happy hockey’s back.

It’s also a glorious day when Shady Brady and Belicheat lose like dogs.

Anyway, a video for you hockey fans. I think I fucked up the video linking again. Rusky, halp!

Releases for the day!

Hito Hitori Futari 30-31 (!Hito30 !Hito31 !Hitori30 !Hitori31) – Volume 5 goes for sale tomorrow (already) so we might as well get started on volume 4, huh?

Master Keaton Remastered 04 (!KeatonR04 !MKR04) – Sorry I took my sweet-ass time with this, I’ve just been lazy as fuck in January. Always am. Next chap is due in May.

Rookies 216 (!Rook216 !Rookies216) – The beginning of volume 23, and let the battle begin! Thanks again to Deadbeat-Scans for their help on the series, as always.

See you soon~

4 Thoughts to “Yay, hockey’s back!”

  1. lolman

    thanks guys! :laughing:

  2. Takeshi

    Volume batch for Rookies vol 22, please?

  3. GGpX-

    @Takeshi Done. I also re-uploaded volumes 5-18 because they weren't CDisplay compatible.

  4. lembu

    :sly:nice need more of those politicians

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