Fuck you Post Canada

So I bought a bunch of books, had ’em shipped here and since I’m at work at 1PM when they deliver it, I have to go pick it up from a pharmacy. So I go pick it up and… the pack is ripped open and I’m missing three books.

Great. So two volumes I lost were oneshot compilations and the third one was Full Metal Panic Sigma v18. I’m going to have to buy these again.

In any case… Fuck you, Post Canada. You incompetent cunts.

We still haven’t found a translator for REAL yet. Still looking~ Along with Editors and Quality Checkers… PM me on IRC or send me an email. More staff = more releases.

We’ve been uploading more stuff these recent days on Illum. On top of that, we’ve also placed it in a couple of rooms for people to give more access to other people. We’ve been uploading some TV stuff, a couple of movies, a few TV series here & there. We’ll continue to upload more stuff as time goes on. It is first and foremost a secondary distro bot for us, but it is also a recommendation bot with additional things that the staff enjoyed. We have a very large variety of manga from multiple groups over the years. You can check the packlist by clicking here. We’ve uploaded 3×3 Eyes over the last week.

Odyssey ch05 (!Ody05 !Odyssey05) – This took me a lot more time to do than I thought it would, but that’s usually how it goes in January. I’m a lazy shit.

Hopefully more releases soon. But for now, I have a tummy ache and I gotta get ready to work.

6 Thoughts to “Fuck you Post Canada”

  1. Ominae

    Going to sue someone for lost mail?

  2. Squall

    I hope you get some compensation and they went for the good stuff FMP

  3. tsuba

    If it'll make you feel better (or not) Post France are also incompetent cunt! (apparently it's a wolrd wide craze) last time they lose one of my package I raised some hell :angry: Since I'm just a selfish, egocentric personn, will the loos of FMP delay the release ? :wassat: the publisher has stopped FMP years ago here, I can only count on you guys T.T A reason I'm so much grateful ♥

  4. GGpX-

    @Ominae Nah, I won't sue for something like that. I gave 'em an earful and just made a complaint. @Squall Nope, I won't. Because they'll tell me how "the pack wasn't insured" (Despite the insurance costing almost as much as the books themselves) and they're therefore not liable to what happens on the pack. @tsuba I dunno. I don't know when Avatar's going to translate it, so I don't think there'll be much of a delay since the final volume won't go for sale for another few months anyway.

  5. Cenit

    I'm okay with 18 and 19 getting released close to eachother. Then again i take what i get. Keep it up!

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