Oh, Alice…

A new project today!

The project is called Jigoku no Alice aka Alice in Hell. It’s a manga by the great Matsumoto Jiro, who’s authored series like Freesia and Tropical Citron. Both of which are on the Illum bot, btw. Check it out

By the way, I’ve pretty much run out of bandwidth for the rest of the month, so our next release will be in October.

Alice in Hell 01 (!Alice01 !AIH01) – The best way to describe this manga goes as follow… Clicky click.

In any case, enjoy.

2 Thoughts to “Oh, Alice…”

  1. lolman

    Illuminati, You guys are true heros! Thx 🙂

  2. Squall

    God i hope this character has balls and not all talk

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