A Keaton special

So after coming out of our hole from the last month or so, we have another release today and it’s a Keaton special.

By the way, we have a small problem on our website and I’m unable to edit the projects page. And I’m not even kidding. So it’ll be out of date for a little bit longer.

Thanks to the people at Happy!Scans for the help on everything we released today.

Master Keaton 15-16 (!Keaton15 !Keaton16 !MKR15 !MKR16) The two best chapters of the series so far, imo. Really fun stuff.

Master Keaton Remaster 03 (!KeatonR03 !MKR03) – Now fastforward twenty years later, and boy did Keaton age badly.

Enjoy the chapters.

Hoping to have a volume release in the next few days.

3 Thoughts to “A Keaton special”

  1. Squall

    was waiting on this but what about suicide island

  2. Punky Brewster

    Thanks for Keaton! Suicide Island?

  3. Nitouryu

    We decided to go for volume releases regarding Suicide Island. No worries, it should be ready soon. v5-6 are translated and v5 almost done.

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