2,000 chapters released


So the group’s goal for the end of the year was to reach the 2,000 chapters released milestone. And somehow, we got there early.

So thanks for reading our scanlations over the years and thanks to everyone who’s helped create those scanlations. Been a fun ride… At times.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a big release. I personally like to blame dh85 for being without internet for 2 months and making us impotent, pretty much. 🙂 But now that he’s back, we have some stuff that we’ve been working on for a while that we’ll finish in the not-so-distant-future. Some thing you’ve been waiting patiently for, some things that’ll be coming out of left field. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

And now, the releases.

Almost a Wedding Proposal (!Wedding !AlmostWedding) – One of the three chapters from Itaitashii Love we’re releasing today. Hope you enjoy.

Eight ch18-20 (!Eight18 !Eight19 !Eight20 !Huit18 !Huit19 !Huit20) – A new project. It’s a joint with Supreme Cream Scanlations for now, so go thank them for the work on the series. We’ve also uploaded the previous chapters on the bot.

Hito Hitori Futari ch16-18 (!Hito16 !Hito17 !Hito18 !Hitori16 !Hitori17 !Hitori18) – This concludes the second volume. We’ve started working on volume 3 and we hope to start releasing it soon…

Inherit The Stars ch5-6 (!ITS05 !ITS06 !Inherit05 !Inherit06) Our space adventure continues with some interesting plot developments. .-.

Master Keaton ch13-14 (!Keaton13 !Keaton14 !MK13 !MK14) – The beginning of volume 2 with good stories. The following chaps after these two are the two best so far from this series, so stay tuned.

My Life Third Example: She (!MyLifeShe !MyShe) The second chapter from Itaitashii Love.

Odyssey ch2 (!Odyssey02 !Ody02) Sorry for the delay on this one. The translator who did chapter 1 has gone on hiatus to focus on his job & situations. So we found zindryr who’s going to be translating from where we left over. Btw, there’s a strong chance we’ll do a v2 for chapter 1 to change a few things because of zindryr’s style. Nothing major, but just a different choice of words. Just a heads up.

Rookies ch212-213 (!Rookies212 !Rookies213 !Rook212 !Rook213) And they lay down the fucking HAMMER.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi ch104 (!SJG104 !Junai104) I really wish we were able to finish 105 to release with this chapter, but alas, such is life. But still, this is a fun chapter.

Sidonia no Kishi v5 (!Sido05 !SNK05) Despite easily being Nihei Tsutomu’s worst work, it’s still got some good parts. Mostly when the action starts and he’s drawing some monsters and not pantsu shots. In any case, it’s long overdue. Enjoy the volume.

That Afternoon (!ThatAf !ThaAfternoon) The final chapter from Itaitashii Love. A big, big thank you to eito for doing all (Well, 98%. I typeset a 4 page chapter somewhere along the ride) the work on the series.

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  1. Renard

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness.

  2. Punky Brewster

    OMG huge release! Thanks SO much for all your hard work! <3 <3 <3 XOXOXO!

  3. KaitoKief

    Thanks for Shonan Jun'ai Gumi

  4. ch13

    Congrats~ and thanks for the releases!

  5. battlecheeze

    Thanks for Sidonia!! :laughing:

  6. Wowowowowoooo

    thi-this is a tear of happiness :crying: Sidonia is the best!

  7. morty

    Sido!!! A whole volume!!!! :w00t: :w00t: Mwahahahahaha!!!! Thx guys :laughing:

  8. drumbass

    can i suck your cawk?

  9. galerian_ash

    Congrats on the milestone! And extra big thanks for Odyssey (so happy you found a new translator for it), and Rookies!

  10. HURFF

    Thanks for Sidonia!!

  11. Cio

    Always thankfull!!

  12. noplanetlikeours

    we, people of earth, strongly demand for sidonia to appear on reader :geek:

  13. xyz85-mvb9

    At the moment we have a small problem: our main man who takes care of the reader, Nitouryu, is in jail for sexual harassment. We will take action asap.

  14. Nitouryu

    So I have managed to analsmuggle a smartphone with internet access to my cell. Will see what can be done.

  15. noplanetlikeours

    thx for fast response 🙂

  16. rollingnakedsnake

    nice one, worth the wait, thanks for all the releases specially for sidonia.

  17. guy12

    Thank you for the releases!! I think I've found a small mistake in Sidonia, page 178 says "Volume 3 End" should be 5, right?

  18. been some time

    Thanks for inherit the stars and sidonia. I also agree about sidonia not being his best and most likely his worst work. But his worst work, is still allot better then most compared to the crap out there. I do wish he would scrap the mecha idea and go back to the basics. (FYI I have not read the new chapters yet.)

  19. o_O'

    I just got done smoking a bowl and reading all of volume 3. I can't believe how much clearer Nihei's drawings can be. It's actually scary how you can interpret his art, like the Rabbit-Duck Illusion. Plus the action is really good! (I don't know if it's just me, but allot of the time I can't really tell wtf I'm looking at.)

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