13th of… What, it’s not a Friday!?

I almost wish it was a Friday to my own personal, shitty spin on the Friday The 13th series…

As usual, we’re looking for new staff to increase the release speed on our projects. More specifically, Japanese -> English Translators, Editors and Quality Checkers. If you’re interested in helping out, either post on the forums, email me ( illuminatimanga@gmail.com ) or PM me on IRC and I’ll send you a test.

We have a new bot called Illum in the IRC room. On top of having all of our releases, we have a recommendation list at the bottom. Our staff has uploaded other series that we’d recommend others to read. We’ll continuously upload more and more series for those interested. You can check the packlist by clicking here. We might eventually take requests on what to upload, but that’s not for now. Will try to upload something tomorrow.

Damned 13 (!Damn13 !Damned13) – Tomorrow’s chap will include the biggest gap I have ever seen. I’ll show it to you and you’ll be blown away. #lovemyeditors

Hito Hitori Futari 07 (!Hito07 !Hitori07) – This concludes volume 1. Thanks again to kewl0210 and dh85 for their hard work on the series. This is shaping out to be pretty good if you ask me, not to mention volume 2 introduces some very interesting stuff…

Inherit The Stars 04 (!ITS04 !Inher04) – I really wish we had more sci-fi series like this. Anyway, more developments on what they found.

8 Thoughts to “13th of… What, it’s not a Friday!?”

  1. rollingnakedsnake

    hey sup guys, just asking would you happen to have Dead Heads scanned by evil genius, and if you do can you upload dat manga in the bot? if you dont have it well its okay thanks.

  2. Olia

    zomg another Hito chanpter on the day of my defence :Q_______ hell yesss!!

  3. xyz85-mvb9

    @rollingnakedsnake Nice suggestion. Will upload that and some of Taniguchi's works today.

  4. sensei 12

    Maiggod! Inherit The Stars is something amazing, it's the story I ever dreamt about. Keep up your excellent work.

  5. Purple Library Guy

    It's really great to see a manga rendering of a very good hard science fiction book. Tiny proofreadish point: As someone who's read the book a couple of times I can tell you that whatever translation from Japanese may suggest, that prof's name should probably be "Dr. Christian Danchekker".

  6. Nitouryu

    Could you point out where exactly Danchekker's name is spelled wrong? Here on our reader it seems to be correct: http://reader.manga-download.org/reader/read/inherit_the_stars/en/1/4/page/12 Thanks!

  7. bender of 3012

    Inherit The Stars chaps is always welcomed, thanks.

  8. Purple Library Guy

    Apologies; I read at Batoto. Looking at the reader here and the version there, they don't match; so for instance on ch. 1 p. 30 at Batoto, he's given as "professor Christian Dunchakre", but here it's correct as "Danchekker". There are a couple of other examples. Evidently you folks caught it before I said anything but Batoto has an older version. So, no worries. Cheers!

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