Day 12 happens to be Canada Day

Houray! Spain won! I told you Spain won.

Now, a song to celebrate. I can never embed those.

As usual, we’re looking for new staff to increase the release speed on our projects. More specifically, Japanese -> English Translators, Editors and Quality Checkers. If you’re interested in helping out, either post on the forums, email me ( ) or PM me on IRC and I’ll send you a test.

We have a new bot called Illum in the IRC room. On top of having all of our releases, we have a recommendation list at the bottom. Our staff has uploaded other series that we’d recommend others to read. We’ll continuously upload more and more series for those interested. You can check the packlist by clicking here. We might eventually take requests on what to upload, but that’s not for now. We’ve uploaded Change Guy, Fist Of The North Star and Seizen Life.

Damned 12 (!Damn12 !Damned12) – I’ll be uploading a volume pack for chapters in v01 soon.

Hito Hitori Futari 06 (!Hito06 !Hitori06) – Lordof says “this is the best !!!”, so take his word for it and read this series.

Sidonia no Kishi 20 (!Sido20 !Sidonia20) – This concludes volume 4. There might be a small delay to ch21 because there’s a really nasty redraw that’s going to take us a little bit of time…

I’m going to pat myself on the back for getting that Spain pick right, btw.

12 Thoughts to “Day 12 happens to be Canada Day”

  1. Kuthrow

    No one gives a fuck about Canadia, you fat retard!

  2. Punky Brewster

    -"I". Thanks always for the releases!

  3. Agupa

    Thanks for the release! 😀

  4. meatdragon

    Wow thanks for the release I was worried I'd never get to read knights of sidonia ever again, its nice to see some one pick it up.

  5. Ilovefootball

    FUCK YOU Spain!…thanks for the release

  6. Olia

    omg, thank you sooooo much people for releasing Hito Hitori Futari!!! seriously, one of the best manga's ever. i'm so addicted that i keep checking mangafox for next chapter to read like…. every gawdamn hour while i should be preparing for my thesis defence tomorrow o__o seriously people, you are the best and i luv you all <3

  7. Hold

    Thank you for your efforts keeping up the quality. Thanks from Spain!

  8. dr.farnsworth

    sidonia's alive again! hail new translator! the rest of the crew too xP

  9. SPAIN


  10. HURF

    Thanks for Sidonia!!

  11. Go Spain Go!

    Wow, Im impressed with the release rate keep uop the good job. thanks for sidonia, the best ongoing manga im currently reading. Nihei Rules!!!

  12. s12

    thank you for the new chapters of Sidonia^^

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