Day Nine

Every day THE GERMS lose, it’s a glorious day.

The usual stuff you all love to read. Notice how we’re releasing all this stuff faster? We wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t have any staff! Just saying!

As usual, we’re looking for new staff to increase the release speed on our projects. More specifically, Translators, Editors and Quality Checkers. If you’re interested in helping out, either post on the forums, email me ( ) or PM me on IRC and I’ll send you a test.

We have a new bot called Illum in the IRC room. On top of having all of our releases, we have a recommendation list at the bottom. Our staff has uploaded other series that we’d recommend others to read. We’ll continuously upload more and more series for those interested. You can check the packlist by clicking here. We might eventually take requests on what to upload, but that’s not for now. I’ll upload some more stuff in July because I’m running out of bandwidth.

Damned 09 (!Damn09 !Damned09) – And volume 1 is done! Volume 2 starting tomorrow.

Hito Hitori Futari 03 (!Hito03 !Hitori03) – Thanks again to kewl0210 for translating this manga. We’re hoping to make some progress on the series soon.

Btw, 60 chaps away from 2,000 total released.

8 Thoughts to “Day Nine”

  1. Ominae

    Quite interesting to hear that you guys are doing Tsutomu Takahashi's new manga. And I almost thought you'd do Jiraihsin Diablo. Oh well. And on a roll too I see. That's good to hear. PS – I'll assume that you'll update the projects page later since it looks pretty outdated.

  2. Kuthrow

    What is this "projects page" you speak of? :wassat:

  3. Ominae

    It's the "Projects" tab up the page next to "About". Some of the content is old… As in outdated.

  4. Kuthrow

    "tab"? "About"? Hrm… You talk of mysterious things, stranger.

  5. Nitouryu

    Are you talking about Galaxy tab guys?

  6. Kuthrow

    How did you make that text a different color!? Are you some kind of warlock? And what does oddly colored text have to do with pages and tabs and such?

  7. Ominae

    (Proceeds to walk away angrily)

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