Week 1 done, Day 8 begins

Day eight. One week and a day!

The usual stuff you all love to read. Notice how we’re releasing all this stuff faster? We wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t have any staff! Just saying!

As usual, we’re looking for new staff to increase the release speed on our projects. More specifically, Translators, Editors and Quality Checkers. If you’re interested in helping out, either post on the forums, email me ( illuminatimanga@gmail.com ) or PM me on IRC and I’ll send you a test.

We have a new bot called Illum in the IRC room. On top of having all of our releases, we have a recommendation list at the bottom. Our staff has uploaded other series that we’d recommend others to read. We’ll continuously upload more and more series for those interested. You can check the packlist by clicking here. We might eventually take requests on what to upload, but that’s not for now. I’ll upload some more stuff in July because I’m running out of bandwidth.

Damned 08 (!Damn08 !Damned08) – One more chapter to complete volume 01 after this one.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi 102 (!SJG102 !Junai102) – So I lied. I promised this chap a few days from now, but I guess this could work.


3 Thoughts to “Week 1 done, Day 8 begins”

  1. ilcs5598

    thanks for SJG. Glad its back and on a DAILY basis too!

  2. signorRossi

    Thanks for the porn, too. LOL, last item in list. Seriously, thanks for all the good manga to check out, much appreciated.

  3. GGpX-

    @signorRossi Yeah, I told my group they could upload anything they wanted, Nitouryu uploaded porn. These are the kind of people I work with. :p

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