I need suggestions,

I want to do another Tetsuya Saruwatari series because he’s really one of (if not the) favorite mangaka’s.

For those of you who don’t know,  Tetsuya Saruwatari is the mangaka that currently works on the Tough series and it’s prequel, Koukou Tekken-den Tough that we are currently scanlating. He also has a set of side stories to these two manga’s, Oton. We scanlate that as well.

Prior to doing the Tough mangas, Saruwatari was known as the mangaka who created many over-the-top crazy action series. One of his most notable works, a series he was only the artist for, is Riki-Oh. We scanlated that once upon a time.

The point I’m getting at is, I miss doing Saruwatari’s old-school, ultra violent stuff. I miss doing his ridiculous mangas with people literally just blowing up and near-invincible protagonists. So I want to do a new series of his and there’s just too many to choose.

These are the series I have raws for and would be more than willing to do, so I’m going to list them and I want you to tell me which one I should do:

Bad Police – A series about an ex-biker turned cop who’s basically a cocky prick that fights evil in his own way. It’s a one volume series, which is good for me because there aren’t long-term commitments attached with it. (I haven’t scanned the volume yet)

Damned – Saruwatari’s series that resembles Riki-Oh the most. You could even call it Riki-Oh in a parallel universe. This is the front-runner because I loved Riki-Oh so much and it’s only three volumes. (I’ve scanned volumes 1-2, just procrastinating for v3)

Dog Soldier – Simplest way of describing it is… Japanese Rambo. The protagonist is called John K. Hiba and does jobs for secret agencies like the CIA where he has to kill dictators & blow shit up. This is the series that got Saruwatari his recognition as an ultra-violent mangaka. (I own v1-3 & haven’t scanned any of the volumes yet)

SOUL – It’s a street fighting manga where the protagonist offers his opponents a coat full of money if they defeat him. At least, that’s what it looks like seeing as I don’t speak Japanese. (I own all four volumes, but haven’t scanned it yet)

The Hard – If you’ve read Riki-Oh, then you’ve probably read the NY Dust short story at the end of volume 12. This is the prototype that eventually led to the creation of The Hard. If you haven’t read it, go read it now, we have it on the Online Reader. The Hard is the story of a bounty hunter named Kenji Hado (Nicknamed The Hard) who hunts down bounties to pay his divorce bills. Big guns, huge explosions and lots of Jack Daniels to pass around. Doesn’t get much more manly than that, does it? I’ve scanned volumes 1-4 and own the 13 other volumes.

So let me know what you think.

Have a good one.

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  1. rollingnakedsnake

    it will be awesome if you do bad police and then start with dog soldier dat got me with the japanese rambo, CIA and blow shit up n yea i kinda miss the xplosions with no reason guts and ass flyin all over the place and all the crazy shit.

  2. el

    SOUL!!!!! No doubt about it… and runner up would be… yeah, Bad Police…. but too bad it's only one volume :/ I kind of enjoy the long series (like the Tough series)

  3. sk443

    Damn, I knew that Kuroda from Koukou looked familiar! Same author, huh. SOUL sounds good, but any from here would be nice.

  4. Nic

    I think you should start with one of the shorter series (Bad Police, Damned) then transition to The Hard after it's done. But really, any of these would be nice to see.

  5. Thebear

    Like Nic Suggested Start with the Shorter Series which seems awesome and will be completed faster if you start with them as Projects. Much love from Sweden boys and i know that you guys can pull this of man :innocent:

  6. Punky Brewster

    Hey you guys, there's some more chapters of Wolf Guy as translated by Latpuertorican if you want previews, about 5-6 of them. Check mangafox for details!

  7. Jack

    I like the stuff where 1) There is semi-realistic fighting 2) People use legendary martial techniques which cause onlookers to gaze on agape in horror and shed a single drop of cold sweat. 3) The background & motivation of the fighters is revealed in flashbacks 4) Fighters beat the hell out of each other, but it turns out the damage is superficial, and they gain respect for each other.

  8. Froody

    I think you should do Damned and Bad Police first. See the response to those, and if that's good maybe you can do SOUL or The Hard. I have to say Dog Soldier doesn't sound too interesting (plot-wise) to me.

  9. Lukis

    Soul or The Hard

  10. thatoneguy

    I'm all about Bad Police and The Hard.

  11. Justinijan

    Bad Police goes for me .

  12. Skully

    Dog Soldier or The Hard. I just want a long one. :shifty:

  13. pimpdaddy

    question nothing to do with this topic what is the hold up on shamo? is it just no one is providing you guys with the raws? if you know what book to buy for raws i can possibly purchase it for you to scanlate sorry if it sounded dick-ish but it's hard to show context on internet text haha

  14. Tex117

    Maannn.. Getting really shitty translations and scans of Wolf Guy. They haven't even tried to clean it up, whoever did those chapters last week-ish. Sorta replaced now, but I'm not sure who by..

  15. Tex117

    They can't even spell Werewolf, the fuck >> Anyway, thanks for the releases!

  16. Punky Brewster

    Wonder if this "Wolfy" group is any better than the other amateur translators, and I'm guessing the answer is no? Ugh! I just don't want to look because I'm wary of spoilers…

  17. Fuuuuu

    Actually, the reposted chapters are cleaned and presented much better. (The two chapters posted "hours ago" on manga fox.) I thought they were definitely readable, only one or two errors I saw from quick typesetting; otherwise a decent read. Not Illuminati quality of course, but these are just people trying to give others chapters while we wait for these. Those two chapters are worth the read I think, and more if they continue to release more of them.

  18. Anonny

    SOUL sounds good. Fill that Shamo gap.

  19. just a question

    How about just focusing on the projects you guys are already working on? If you already have 14+ projects and time/life is an issue why make it worse?

  20. Punky Brewster

    @ just a question Spoken sensibly. I have so many other writer projects going on it's not even funny. No wonder it's taken me two years to write my debut novel!

  21. Ichido Reichan

    :whistle: GGPX sir, I kindly invite you to a double effort to release SHURA NO MON & Shura no Toki and also Shura no mon, dai ni mon. still haven't heard the answer to that one, in the meantime, I will release a book in your group's honor :w00t:

  22. GGpX

    @just a question Doing the same project for long stretches of time getting tiring and frankly, it's boring. I'm working on something right now and by the end of this volume, I won't want to touch it for a good month or so because I'm tired of the series. And truthfully, new series are fun. Especially short ones. It's one of the reasons we haven't picked up many long (10+ volumes) projects over the last 3 years.

  23. Froody

    How's the progress on Homunculus? Any estimates?

  24. Cenit

    How's the progress on "Full Metal Panic! Sigma"? Any estimates?

  25. GGpX

    @Froody & Cenit, Check back a week from now.

  26. Punky Brewster

    Any translators for Wolf Guy yet? Also hoping for a Suicide Island update, love you guys! XOXOXOXOXO <3 <3 <3!

  27. blub

    Still no translator for "Wolf Guy" or "I am a Hero"? I guess no new announcement equals no translator. Well, that's too bad. These are my favorites right now, especially "I am a Hero". Hopefully you will find one soon. I wish you luck!

  28. GGpX

    @Punky Brewster Nothing new for WG. The whole volume is cleaned & ready to go, but the translator (tradedaemon) simply doesn't have the time to translate as he's focusing on his new career in programming. As for SI, soon. @blub See above for WG. For IAAH, well, we have no translator or cleaner for it. The guy who did v1-4 retired from scanlations and the guy who translated v1-4 lost interest in the series. He's not really into zombies that much. If I do find staff for IAAH, we will continue it.

  29. blub

    @GGpx Thank you for the information. Just a few minutes ago I saw that Last Vestige Scans picked up I Am A Hero. So all is well, I guess.

  30. asylum

    GGpX have you ever read the manga called "red eyes"? it's pretty badass kind of like berserk with it's action, you think you guys could try picking up this one?

  31. Nitouryu

    Red eyes is awesome, but we have no plans for it. On bright inside note – some other group has shown interest in it and possibly will start working on it in near future.

  32. asylum

    Okay thanks for the info

  33. Baka

    I'd like to see Damned scanned out of them all. If it wasn't there, I'd pick Bad Police. :laughing:

  34. Bad Police

    Bad Police, please. Please?

  35. HellD

    Brolen left Dokuro (also by Tetsuya) in the 1st volume and a group that scanlated the 2nd volume in order to motivate some baddas scanlation group to finish the other 2 volumes, one of the amazong things besides the lead character is that there are grannies doing acrobatics with uzis in her hands.

  36. GGpX

    @HellD dxInt used to be staff here. I'd like to get in contact with him about Dokuro. I own all 4 volumes and have been looking to scanlate it for years now. And on top of that, I know someone who'd edit the whole thing in no time (Loves the series). If you know dxInt, tell him to get in touch with me on IRC or via email.

  37. Hidebu-Goddo

    Thanks SOOOO MUCH for deciding to work on other Saruwatari series :P. I guess first do the short series and then the rest? I'd say i'm most interested in Dog Soldier, because i've seen the ova and some of the raws back in da day… Fuck those Hokuto guys (dxInt being the noob that he is), they're a bunch of gay people.

  38. yohan33

    There's also Dokuro by Saruwatari, ultra violent ! 😉 http://rawscans.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=183&start=0

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