Happy birthday [city Nitouryu lives in]

So I asked Nitouryu to do some work today so we could make a release.

His answer?

.:21·13·26:. «@Nitouryu» i dunno, I have a lot of plans for tomorrow
.:21·13·41:. «@Nitouryu» City anniversary, 810 years

So happy birthday whatever city the Latvian stays in. If there wasn’t a city’s anniversary, we probably would have had 5 chapters. Not that I’m trying to pin it on that, but…


Shamo 62 (!Shamo62) – We are officially re-caught up to Shamo for another two weeks. Whenever the 26th volumes goes for sale, we will re-do the volume. And whenever ch63 comes out, we’ll do that. If you find the raw, either PM me on IRC, post it on the forums or email me with the title “Shamo 63 Raw”.

Suicide Island 33 (!SI33) – Uh, I had something good to say, but I forgot it.


[Nitouryu edit]:

Maaaaan, it was a bomb! 
And I lol at Coyote Fly clubs one-sided bathroom mirror. Never gets old to take a piss while watching girls next room adjust boobs and makeup =]

PUSH has become shit tho, wtf happened?

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6 Thoughts to “Happy birthday [city Nitouryu lives in]”

  1. Horus

    Just when I'm getting anxious about leaving for school tomorrow, the new chapter for Suicide Island made my day.

  2. randomname

    Thanks for Suicide Island! It's nice seeing Sei become a badass (or at least have badass moments).

  3. Ksardas

    Tnx for Suicidal Island, btw city that you mentioned is Riga :laughing:

  4. almanac

    thanks for shamo. it's great that you catch up with it. btw when will you finish Jackals? I'm expecting to read it this year :laughing:

  5. Lukis

    Tnx for both..also are u guys working on homunculus 14?

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