I saw this…

So I saw this page and got njt to translate it a few months ago, but never really bothered to post it. I’m sure someone’s already done it, but the fuck do I care?

Just a piece of news. We’ll be changing bots over the weekend, so there might be some problems with some packs. If there are problems, PM me and I’ll try to fix it without doing any more harm.

So for today’s releases.

Boku to Issho 39 (!Boku39) – Theft brings… I dunno, you’ll see.

Holyland 128 (!Holy128) – Flashback continues.

Shamo 61 (!Shamo61) – So essentially, chapter 61 is the first chapter of Shamo released after the manga went on hiatus for 2 or so years. Just a few bits of information:

1- The manga is now authored and drawn completely by Tanaka Ikio. It’s reported that while the original author, Hashimoto Izou, did create the series, he had less and less input on the series starting from volume 4 and on.

2- The author & artist settled their legal battle and came to some sort of agreement. 

3- You’ll read this chapter and wonder if we fucked up, but no. This is really the chapter that was released. Even though half the pages are the exact same as from chapter 60.

4- The series runs in Kodansha’s Evening magazine, which is bi-weekly. We don’t scan it ourselves and go with whatever online raws we find. We will however re-do the chapters we’ve done when the tankobon comes out.

5- Finally, we thought we had caught up, but someone said that ch62’s raw came out. Whoever you are, if you’ll gladly upload it, we’ll gladly scanlate it sometime next week assuming the translator has the time.

Next release should probably be sometime this weekend, assuming Nitouryu doesn’t get into one of his rapping moods.

9 Thoughts to “I saw this…”

  1. MatrixM

    Thanks for the Holyland.

  2. Lukis

    tnx for Shamo and Holyland also watched Holylands Live action 13ep TV show which aired in 2005 and it was pretty good,if anyone have time i recommend to watch it 😉

  3. joey

    thaks a lot for shamo 🙂

  4. Thebear

    A thousnad Thanks Brother for the Releases. Also. There´s Holyland Live TV series. got to go track it down man. Hope you have good weekened Brotha

  5. randomname

    Many thanks for Holyland! Appreciated as always. (I guess that character development chapters with lots of dialog are unavoidable after such a long fighting arc, so hang on translators and typesetters! After all, character development is done very well here…) Regarding Shamo: I can't say I care too much, because during the infamous "chinese arc" it became obvious that milking the series is what the authors really cared about. (Which also explains their agreement after a freakin' legal battle – profit for both of them is better than stopping the publication.) Also, I can't resist pointing out how ridiculous is reusing panels in a manga – even worse than in anime. You didn't fuck up, no, but chapter 61 is already fucked up by itself! I hope that Ryo and the-dancer-guy kill each other, bringing a suitable closure, so we won't have to suffer any more. I doubt it will happen though… And finally the winner of the day: That webcomic! Totally hilarious, thanks!

  6. Ars Magna

    Cool, thanks for the heads up Lukis. I hope it's not as pathetic as other manga -> LA adaptations. The onyl exception to that were Kurosagi and Liar Game dramas. @shamofan Translated chapter 62 already, it should be out soon I guess.

  7. Lukis

    @Ars Magna give it a try,Yuu in LA are gloomier than ever and when he went on rampage he looked more badass than in manga..only thing small fights looked cheap 1-2 times-buuut its nothing.

  8. shiki

    oh boku to issho .. thanks guys .. i hope that you'll translate more of furuya minoru's works thanks .. the best as usual ~

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