I was planning to have this done Sunday night, but…

Well, as some of you know by now, I’m not very good with keeping a planned schedule. Shit happens. Some redraws had to be fixed, a lot of dust hunting – three hours worth – and a lot of general fixing. But here it is, finally.

Wolf Guy Volume 09 (!Wolf09) – Chapters 82-87 released to end the volume. Hope you enjoy. Extra trigger if Illuminati|Mad is slow is !WG09

Now, before you ask, I have a things I’d like to say:

1) We currently have no plans to do Wolf Guy magazine chapters. Don’t read that as “We’re dropping it.” because we’re not. We simply don’t want to do magazine chaps. That might change, depending on whether tradedaemon & klo (Main editor) want to do them. So until then, OC Scans, feel free to make those mud-filled “scans” of yours for ch88+.

2) We do plan on continuing the tankobon releases of Wolf Guy. It is unknown right now when volume 10 goes for sale. But when it does, I’ll be buying & scanning it.

3) While waiting for the next Wolf Guy volume, tradedaemon & klo will be doing a small project of their own. A one volume series. If some of you know tradedaemon’s history, you might already have an idea what the manga will be. If you don’t, then you’ll just have to wait.

4) Looking for an experience proofreader for FMP Sigma. I’d like to have the script proofread before I typeset it.

Hoping for another release in the next few days. See you.

23 Thoughts to “I was planning to have this done Sunday night, but…”

  1. awdf

    "So until then, OC Scans, feel free to make those mud-filled "scans" of yours for ch88+." BURNNN.

  2. Ahmyrak

    I about died when I saw this! Thank you so much!!!! <3

  3. Zwagon

    yeah, so, i love you guys for releasing this all at once

  4. mjwatson

    You made my day with this release,thx! Wolfy's got some fierce eyes in these chapters :sly:

  5. Alex

    Thats really awesome. Thank you so much :w00t:

  6. PieForBreakfast

    I love you guys! Also, those other guys and their shitty scans can suck my big fat hairy chode…

  7. Darknova42

    some welcome news for you HL fans. I just finished redraws for ch110, so look forward to that release in a couple of days(I think it still needs to be QC'ed and TS'ed)

  8. Any

    YAYYY!!!I love you 7 times :tongue:

  9. Tex

    Hooooo, does that mean Chapter 88 won't be coming out for a while? (Yeah, I have a hard time understanding what people are talking about, a lot of the time, so sorry if I misunderstood.) I don't want to read OC Scans. I want Illuminati scans >.> To be honest, I was bouncing on my feet when I noticed there were a few new chapters for this. Thank you so much for the release. Please do more x_x'

  10. amy

    you made my day! <3

  11. GGpX

    @Tex 88 probably won't be out (from us anyway) for a while unless trade & klo decide that they wanna work on the magazine chaps.

  12. FAlvic

    As far as I can tell Wolf Guy v10 will be available to japanese amazon on may the 20th, is that right ?

  13. KamenWalker

    "4) Looking for an experience proofreader for FMP Sigma. I'd like to have the script proofread before I typeset it." Is this for the technobabble and stuff from black technology?

  14. Avatar

    Hey GGPX & all, It seems the proof reader for FMP:Sigma is still around so I don't think we need to worry about finding a replacement. The primary focus for this series should remain on the EDITORS this is clearly the main bottleneck.

  15. Unknown

    Hello can please do some holyland scans. Thank you.

  16. Koko

    Thanks a lot for the release! actually I would like at least to get the scanlated chapters so far, even if those are magazine chapters, by now haven't been further than Chapter 95 (I haven't found a RAW for chapter 96) if there's some time I'd like you guys to scanlate those too, alt least, there's plenity of good RAWs ^^

  17. GGpX

    @FAlvic Yeah, tradedaemon sent me a link to it last night. So May 20th. @KamenWalker Nah, just proofing the scripts and making sure the English is coherent and structure is good. @Avatar Yup, got his email. @Unknown Sure, only if you've got an extra $200 you can donate to our main editor in his bid to get a new laptop. Otherwise, no.

  18. Vendetta

    can u please upload holyland…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

  19. Nitouryu

    Fo realzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. Tex

    @GGpX Ah, thanks. I'll probably just wait until you guys do it, I really don't want to start reading shitty-done ones, really kills my mood. So you guys are just waiting for the official volume release, I take it? Anyway, thanks again!

  21. GGpX

    @Tex Yes. I don't want to have to re-do the chapters once the tankobon volume comes out, so we're just going to do it once and that'll be it.

  22. Tex

    @GGpX Cool stuff :] Can't wait.

  23. Grayskin

    Many thanks for the awesome scans. I'm so excited for the next chapter that I can't sleep.

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