Happy Fourth of July.

So our last release was on Quebec’s “national” birthday (lol, sure…) and today our release is on America’s nartional birthday. It was originally supposed to be on July 1st, Canada’s birthday, because in the words of Felix DeSouza: Fuck the Yank, let ‘im wait!

If you get the reference, then awesome. If you don’t, relax, he’s a fictional character.

So as usual, he’s our usual plea for more recruits. We’re looking for more Editors to increase the release speed. If we could get an additional experienced QCer to ease Kuthrow’s workload, that would be ideal. Also we need a dedicated Holyland translator (jp-en). If you want to help us out, please apply on the forums or contact us on IRC.

Now, the releases.

Blame Gakuen! And So On (!Blame or !Gakuen) – This is a long time coming. I’d like to appologize to Luco, who bought & scanned this volume last summer, for taking so long to complete this volume. But finally, it’s done. (Hey, oz bastard, if you’re reading this, quit life and come back to scanlations. 😉 ) Big thank you to illiteracy for finishing the volume. As for Sidonia… Well… I don’t know when exactly I’ll get to chapter, although I’ll probably get to it sooner rather than later. Here’s my problem, I don’t have the raws for ch9+. I always assumed Luco would have them, but he didn’t either and now he’s MIA. So, yeah. Contact me if you have the raws.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 26 (!Sigma26) –  This chapter concludes the current arc of FMP Sigma. The next chapter of this volume is a boring flashback about how Mithril was made and stuff. But once that’s done, volume 07 starts off with new characters, new stories, new action, new bust shots (Yes!!!) and much more. So hopefully it won’t take us too long to get right into it.

Holyland 77-81 (!Holy77 – !Holy81) – This concludes volume 08 and starts volume 09. I hope you enjoy these chapters.

Idiot Section Chief 7-8 (!Idiot07 – !Idiot08) – Two more chapters of our second favorite gag manga.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi 91 (!SJG91) – This is a stand-alone chapter. Next chapter begins the great Midnight Angels arc.

That’s all for today, enjoy.

36 Thoughts to “Happy Fourth of July.”

  1. Alex

    Thanks for !Sigma26.

  2. Ominae

    Always and will enjoy Sigma as it's my fav FMP-based manga. You peeps can do volume release? Just wondering.

  3. GGpX

    @Ominae Depends on the time. We did a volume release of FMP Sigma a few times before (for v1-4). It just comes down to time, planning and whether we have work done. A lot of the volume releases we do are because we finish a lot of stuff simultaneously and instead of releasing 3/4 of a volume, we decide to wait a little longer and to finish the whole volume up.

  4. Pyro

    A holyland release, I love you in a non-sexual way. :crying:

  5. B1

    Thanks for the releases, though I can't get them at the moment lol (there seems to be a problem connecting to irc.highway's servers). Is there anywhere else apart from irc that these are downloadable?

  6. TY

    Thank you for FMP SIGMA

  7. robin

    thank you so many for blame! gakuen 😀

  8. maxime

    :crying: :crying: :crying: shitttttt why must holyland be as cool as thisss it stopped at a critical moment of the history please please try to realease the next chapters as soon as possible i beg you more than any beggars could 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Maria

    Thanks for all the Holyland chapters! 🙂

  10. Sabu113

    FMP team I probably already implied as much.. but I want your babies. Thank you so much guys.

  11. Ysellian

    Thanks a lot for these chapters!

  12. Nitouryu

    @B1 Our DDL site is down for now. No choice but to download from irc bot. The site should be back up next week.

  13. randomname

    Thank you guys for the massive Holyland update (great quality, too)! Good work, I know the difficulties, but keep it up. I wish I could help, but I don't know Japanese (and English isn't my mothertongue either)… And *for the time being* I don't have the time to be an editor. I hope though that someone will step up to help. Holyland is a project that _really_ deserves to be completed. Again, thank you very much, randomname PS. What's wrong with GIMP? It rocks, I've been using it for _many_ years. It only lacks 16bit color depth support, but that's irrelevant when it comes to scanlations. 🙂

  14. robin

    @nitouryu guybrush' site? so it's the official mirror. always thought it's just a random ddl manga site lol.

  15. Vapor

    Holyland?! WHEEEEEEE! And unlike Pyro I do love you all in a sexual way.

  16. dark mage

    Thanks alot for the Holyland chapters 🙂

  17. Nitouryu

    http://manga-download.org/ was created in 2007 by Guybrush to provide DDL for Illuminati releases and possibly other groups(Meep scans at the time). If you check old news(page 30) you might notice that we had DDL links next to every release, but time went and Guybrush got busy with other things and left site drifting. Right now I'm uploading all DDLs but I'm a lazy and forgetful guy.

  18. null

    Nice to see that FMP! sigma translation is speeding up again. Good job, especially since the sigma manga is pretty much the only thing that is currently worked on. A new anime season isn't very likely (at least not this year) and the translation of the light novels has completly halted, judging from the activity at ultimatekane99's blog. So big thanks for still translating sigma and keep up the good work! Greets, null

  19. robin

    so that's why the last news update was ages ago yet new releases were added regularly. we like 😀

  20. ddadain

    How do you define "QC"? I'm experienced. I do it professionally.

  21. ddadain

    and change your whale-ugly banner already o_o It's too disturbingly funny…

  22. Linvega

    http://www.mediafire.com/?nklmxnnxyjl Here are the raws for Knights of Sidonia 9-13, they are the best versions I managed to find over time.

  23. Matt

    I really aprreciate the Holyland update.

  24. GGpX

    @ddadain QC is a Quality Checker, someone who looks over the chapters before the release for various errors, varying from cleaning mistakes, English mistakes and typesetting mistakes. Should be able to notice dust on the pages as well. That's essentially a QC.

  25. Niddles

    DUUUUUDE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SJG 91 IS FUNNY AS HELL, MAAAN I LMAO :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    GOD DAMMIT WHY DID HOLYLAND 81 END SO SUDDENLY now we'll all have to wait another 1483 thousand months for a release.

  27. Bear Hugger

    :laughing: I'm happy you guys are still doing the Holyland manga. I was sure you'd have stopped what with your team lacking translators and all. I cannot do any of those jobs you asked, because of lack of experience and also my own life schedule which is hectic at best, but I want you to know, I really appreciate your efforts. For what it's worth, thanks for the good work! BH

  28. sirstuff

    i demand that all your resources go to finishing holyland

  29. ddadain

    So basically QC is QC for you guys 🙂 Yup, I can do that. It's easy to criticize others' work. Are your QCers expected to edit the mistakes out themselves or do they need to just point out the mistakes and have the original editors edit them?

  30. GGpX

    @ddadain Usually the QCers write on paper the changes and the person in charge of the project will then fix them up. If you QC your own project, then you usually just do them right away on the .psd files.

  31. ddadain

    :wassat: About how many things need to be QCed? + how anal are you guys with QC? I take it you guys prefer liaison through irc?

  32. ddadain

    Oh, you've got a forums 😉 It was so small, I didn't see it >_< o_o

  33. ddadain

    And lol, you changed your banner XD

  34. ddadain

    arg it changed back!

  35. GGpX

    @ddadain Right now, nothing needs to be QCed because there's nothing in the QC process atm. We usually want a pretty harsh QC. The more mistakes you find, the better. Usually, anyway. And yeah, irc is better because it's direct chatting.

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