Fuck La Saint-Jean Baptiste

Today is the single worst day of the year for someone like me; someone who lives in Quebec but isn’t brainwashed with the whole ‘Quebec should be it’s own country because we’re selfish pricks and sharing something with other people is blasphemous and besides WE WERE HERE FIRST’ bullshit. Tell that to the Indians you stick in a village and give them their own laws so that they feel empowered.

So as I was saying, fuck Quebec and fuck La Saint-Jean Baptiste.

Now that that’s done, we have some releases today!

Same thing as always, we need some staff to increase the release speed. If you can help, apply on the forums.

I’ll also be starting to work on an Typesetting guide over the summer. I honestly don’t like the majority of the guides out there, so I figured I’d do my own. I want to have it done for the end of July, but who knows how long it’ll really take.

Now, the releases.

Full Metal Panic 25 (!Sigma25) – Newest chapter of FMP Sigma. Here’s hoping we can finish volume 6 soon!

Garouden 01 (!Garou01) – A new series from us. The artist is Taniguchi Jiro, who is fucking awesome btw. This is Ruroni’s project, and since he’s a busy man with a new job and his first born a month ago, the releases will be sporadic.

Jackals Volume 04 (!Jack04) – The newest volume of Jackals, including chapters 24-31. Our first release of Jackals since Strays disbanded. By the way, in this volume, shit starts to get serious. If you enjoy lots of violence, lots of blood, a major plot twist or two, etc. in your manga, you’re going to really enjoy v5-7.

My Street 07 (!Ms07) – Our first chapter of this in… Wow, a really long time. So yeah, ch07. Hopefully ch08 will be out sooner. .-.;;;; Thanks as usual to our joint partners in the Rabbit-Reich for their part in the joint.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi (!SJG88 !SJG89 !SJG90) – This concludes the current arc of SJG and starts volume 11. Chapter 91 is a stand-alone chapter while chapter 92 starts one of the best arcs in the series. Just an awesome, awesome arc. So, stay tuned!

Trigun Badlands Rumble (!Trigun01 !Trigun02) – Here’s the two-part Trigun oneshot from Young King Ours. We’re still looking for Boichi’s Trigun oneshot, which was also in Young King Ours. If you find it somewhere or can scan it, contact us and we’ll do the chapter.

So yeah, that’s all for today.


26 Thoughts to “Fuck La Saint-Jean Baptiste”

  1. Noeil

    Being French and living in Montreal, i can only agree with you GGpX… :s I was in parc Maisonneuve today btw. 😉 And oh, thanks a lot for Jackals!!

  2. Jas

    You got that right! Fuck Quebec!

  3. krish19oo

    thank you very much

  4. June 25

    Thank you for Jackals

  5. ichido Reichan

    Hey man, what about humunculus 11? 🙁 I'd do it but I thought… and Garouden… man You guys should translate the novels, the taniguchi version is really sub par, but that's just me… I'd vote humunculus

  6. Niddles

    SJG yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  7. anon

    Gotta love Saint-Jean Baptiste, when else could you listen to shitty music being blasted out of a drunk obnoxious redneck's pickup truck?

  8. Johnny

    I wish I had funds or skills to help you, but all I can do is give you my most sincerest thank you for your hard work. I just wanted to express some of this desire to say thank you. Again. Thank you.

  9. GGpX

    @Noeil I went there one year, I think it was in the summer of '06—Yeah, '06, it was the day of the NHL Draft when Montreal took David Fischer, gah!—and it was just downright awful. Normand Brathwaite was an awful host. The music was god-awful. Well,

  10. FuktLogik

    It's likely that you guys already know, but I thought I'd mention that the Garouden tanks have already been done up to vol 13 by WFP

  11. FuktLogik

    My mistake. It's a different Garouden.

  12. Darkangel

    Thanks for the chapter. And what music should go while reading Jackals, fucking hard core Japanese Rock, what else…

  13. Dimentio

    Thanks for the Jackals! I'd agree with Darkangel about the J-Rock…to be more specific, I remember I had Shut Up and Explode (by Boom Boom Satellites) playing when I first got into the manga, so thats the song I'd say works pretty well

  14. GGpX

    I actually don't listen to music with lyrics when I read manga. I tend to listen to the lyrics a little bit more then confuse them with the text and… well… yeah. I listen to Joe Satriani or Steve Vai. I listened to Joe Satriani's Engines of Creation on repeat when reading 20th Century Boys.

  15. P|_|zZ`/C@T

    Yeah.. Jackals is just great.. big blades and lots of blood.. I like to listen to "Disturbed – Indestructible" (the Album, not only the specific song) while reading, or simliar rock-music. The rather aggressive atmosphere fits the manga in my opinion 😉

  16. Fluger

    Thanks for the awesome release! <3 Jackals! I usually listen to Rage against the Machine when reading.

  17. Helen

    thankyou so much for the Jackals update! I love this manga SO much, it's just incredible. I agree with everyone else who says that more rockish stuff would be good, i personally listen to Breaking Benjamin sooo, hopefully that's good stuff for you guys to listen to 😛

  18. Sabu113

    Sweet another FMP release 😀 Thanks Purgatos and the Illuminati team. So excited that there's a team behind the manga now 😀

  19. ccp

    I don't like to listen to music with lyrics when working (too distracting) so I usually go with Nujabes (the guy who did the music for 'Samurai Champloo'). Maybe a bit too 'chill' for Jackals, though.

  20. QW

    WOW, more FMP =D Good job, thanks, and best luck on next release.

  21. null

    Thank you for the new FMP sigma chapter!

  22. Holga

    Thank you for FMP sigma 🙂 it's really nice to see that you're still working on this manga^^

  23. CertG

    Thank you for Jackals 🙂


    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i was wondering are u guys masonics as an (FREE MASON)& do u kno wat illuminati is…!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat: :wassat:

  25. Kokingz

    WOO!!! Finally more Jackals!! thank u very very much guys!!! ^_^

  26. potter

    although it's off topic (i guess), i listen to Kamelot's March of Mephisto when reading Berserk, lol! Thanks for SJG!

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