Yeah!? Well!

Because of your stooooooopit script that you said would make my life easier, I had to make the release a day later! Stupid Latvian! Just because you think you’re Russian doesn’t mean you have to make shitty contraptions that look like they were made by Russians!!!

Also, it’s not a toaster. It looks like a fucking TV. End of story.

Nit edit: Baby bro got confused? I made a script with a whole ONE button and input field and that was too complicated? Just WOW!
My face when i read your text: ಥ_ಥ

Before the releases, here’s a mini-announcement:

1) We aren’t dead, so quit asking. The day we’ll die is the day we’ll announce it on the front page. ‘Til then, even though our releases might not come out frequently, we’re still alive.

2) We’re lacking a lot of staff lately in just about all positions, except proofreaders. So… If you want to help increase the release speed for some projects, apply. We specifically need skilled redrawers for series like Holyland and Saru Lock. We could also use some cleaners for series like Full Metal Panic Sigma and À La Carte.

So, yeah. Apply. 😉

Here are the releases.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 23-24. (!Sigma23 !Sigma24) Our first FMP release in a while. Big thank you to Purgatos for translating both of the chapters.

Holyland 76 (!Holy76) Don’t have much to add except that the chapter has a pretty funny moment at the beginning.

Have a good one.

21 Thoughts to “Yeah!? Well!”

  1. Sanarku

    Woot, thanks so for for more FMP, was dying after your original person got busy and left, even if it's not regular releases, thank you for these two new chapters

  2. ccongdon

    Thanks a TON for releasing new FMP! chapters! It was such a huge surprise to see those pop up! It has been a half year since the last release! :laughing: They were sweet to read, but now a bit bittersweet… It might be another 6 months before we find out what happens! :crying:

  3. steven

    🙂 WOW thanks for holyland. One of the best mangas and its a shame to not be scanlated =] keep up the good work and thanks for all the holyland up till now, and counting :laughing:

  4. Raiu

    Sweet, more FMP 🙂 Just what i needed, Thanks guys/girls

  5. Peter

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  6. Ippon

    Thanks for the Holyland, I agree with steven, this is a fantastic manga. Please keep the releases coming whenever possible thanks. 🙂

  7. Angel

    Holyland is awesome thanks a lot. I see that you guys are short in editors and i would like to help. I honestly have no experience but im willing to learn.

  8. firewolf_005

    (My antivirus keeps telling me your forum has a virus then blocks me from accessing your site, so I can't submit this where it should be submitted.) Hey, I noticed that you are looking for people to fill your editor position, as well as re-drawers… though I don't fully understand what you mean by re-drawers, I'm an artist/graphical artist, so I'm assuming you are talking about graphically redrawing correct. Anyways, I'd be willing to help out with Holyland as an editor (or re-drawer/cleaner or w/e) I have a strong 8 year knowledge of Photoshop and Computer built to work on media (including a 24 inch LCD screen). If this kind of skill is what you are looking for, I am willing to help with Holyland, and maybe later other manga you are working on. I may also be of assistance to you as a translator in the latter part of this year, as I have been studying the Japanese Language irregularly for 4 years and will be taking Language classes this year. You can email me if you are interested.

  9. Nitouryu

    Good to see some initiative. Sent you an e-mail. I notified webmaster about forum. It's out-of-date so, yeah.

  10. killasrspike

    I wish i had the time to help in some way with Holyland i cant translate anything but to be able to push it out quicker… alot quicker would be awesome its a really good manga… thanks all.

  11. Al

    tnz a lot for fmp, i've been so waiting for it.

  12. Quitter

    are you guys dead?

  13. asdf

    Thanks for FMP…just hope it won't take another half a year or so to get more chapters 😛

  14. ETRHeydrich

    well, i dont know the meaning of re-drawers, but i think i can help, bein a redrawer for saru would be great, i dont really have a lot of experience in photoshop but if you are interested in more help mail me .

  15. SrFloppy

    Why don't you mix with a yaoi group? That have tons of staff and they'd like HolyCunt.

  16. Ozan

    patiently waits for Sidonia no Kishi.

  17. Haru

    FMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is brilliant material, i wonder if the anime will get another season, thanks for the hard work guyz!

  18. null

    w00000000h000000000T! Thanks for the new FMP! sigma chapters – keep 'em coming! 🙂

  19. Chas

    Meh~ I wanna help, but I'm stuck with work >_<

  20. Sabu113

    Thank you sooo much for the new FMP chapters Purgatos and the rest of the illuminati team!

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